The Dorzback Fund to Raise the Bar

The Dorzback Fund to Raise the Bar

Headshot of Irene Dorzback

During her 38 years working in career services and residential life at NYU Law, Irene Dorzback recognized the disparity in financial support for certain employment-related expenses for students choosing a law firm career compared to those entering careers in public service. Graduates going to law firms generally receive financial sponsorship that covers costs such as bar exam preparation and interview travel costs, while those working in public service have to personally fund these job-related expenses.

Irene invites you to help “level the practice field” by supporting the Dorzback Fund to Raise the Bar. Please visit the Ways to Give page to learn more.

About Irene Dorzback

Irene Dorzback retired as associate dean for Career Services (OCS) in December 2021. She joined the Law School in 1983, as associate director (and later, director) of the LLM Division. During her 12 years working with LLM students, Irene created the globally renowned International Student Interview Program, Tax Court Interview Day and Tax Interview Program, and a robust Off Campus Interview program for tax LLM students seeking to practice in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Several of these programs continue successfully today and are recognized for their efficient and effective hiring outcomes.

In 1995, Dean John Sexton tapped Irene to “create community” in our residence halls, and as director of Residence Life and Special Events, she managed five buildings, launched a student meal plan in the D’Ag Commons, and established a Residence Council. While counseling students on myriad issues from roommate challenges to life in New York City, Irene became very aware of the socioeconomic inequities that stemmed from students’ career choices, and she decided to return to the Office of Career Services, where her career coaching would have maximum impact.

Over the next 25 years, as assistant and associate dean, Irene added several innovative career programs to the OCS offerings: Student-employer networking events (the Speed-Networking Luncheon); initiatives that responded to market downturns (Walk for Work, early-morning counseling walks around Washington Square Park); and programs that served underrepresented populations (the Diversity Forum and Career Fair). In conjunction with the Career Services Committee, Irene vigorously represented our non-discrimination policy during the pre-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell period (2000-2010) when the Solomon Amendment enabled military employers to interview on campus despite their policy on hiring LGBTQ students. She launched the first Alternative Career Fair to address the needs of alumni and students seeking to use their law degrees in non-traditional ways and hosted PALS (the Public/Private Alliance for Law Students Program) to match deferred law firm associates (2009 and 2010) with over 90 public interest organizations.  

Irene’s longstanding relationships with faculty, employers, and alumni nationally and internationally have produced great success for students and graduates with challenging job searches and ambitious career goals. She is appreciated by students for her zealous advocacy on their behalf and respected by employers for her customized recruiting strategies.

We hope that you will honor Irene’s legacy to provide students with equitable career options by supporting the Dorzback Fund to Raise the Bar. Please direct any inquiries to Nick Vagelatos, assistant dean for development and alumni relations at or by phone at (212) 998-6007.