Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital program

Equity Investments

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NYU Law founders can apply for up to $50,000 in funding for their company from Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Program. This opportunity is available to companies that are co-founded by NYU Law students and/or alumni and who are raising seed-stage capital.

We are currently making updates to our application process. Please contact law.evc@nyu.edu if you have questions.

Portfolio Companies



Paladin | Felicity Conrad ’13, Co-Founder
Paladin helps law firms, companies and law schools manage their pro bono with streamlined sourcing, tracking and outcome reporting on a modern, tech-forward platform.



Treasury | Eli Broverman ’05, Co-Founder
Treasury is a global platform built to find, back, and support the next generation of Fintech leaders by actively supporting its founders with access to talent, mentorship, benchmarking, preferred partnerships, and more.


Sabai | Phantila Phataraprasit ’20, Co-Founder & CEO
Sabai is a furniture company dedicated to innovating on sustainable materials and practices featuring recycled and upcycled fabrics as well as resale and repair programs.


Flaus Logo

Flaus | Samantha C. Coxe ’17, Founder & CEO
Flaus is a DTC oral beauty brand with a patent-pending electric flosser that uses sonic vibrations and real dental floss to make flossing as quick, easy and comfortable as brushing your teeth.


Tome Logo

Tome | Nadia Dugal ’05, Co-Founder & COO
Through the power of AI and LLMs, Tome summarizes contracts for everyone.