Lawyering Program

Faculty and Administration

The design, scheduling, and teaching of simulations for a class of more than 450 students is an extremely difficult enterprise. The following people make it possible:


Ashley Binetti Armstrong
Edith Beerdsen
Elizabeth Chen
Solmaz Firoz
Jonathan Harris
Ben Heath
Esther Hong
Christopher Jaeger
Shirley Lin
Stratos Pahis
Michael Parsons
Amanda Sen
David Simson
Jacob Victor
Rachel Wechsler, Associate Director
Andrew W. Williams ’02, Director

Colloquium Faculty

Anthony G. Amsterdam, Program Founder
Jerome S. Bruner
Peggy Cooper Davis, Former Lawyering Program Director

Administrative Staff

Krista Minteer-Baysal, Associate Director
Piper Meikle, Administrative Assistant for  Elizabeth Chen, Solmaz Firoz, Christopher Jaeger
Audrey Montes de Oca, Administrative Assistant for Ashley Binetti Armstrong, Ben Heath, Stratos Pahis
Stephen Rechner, Administrative Assistant for Andrew Williams and Rachel Wechsler
Shakira Reid, Administrative Assistant for Edith Beerdsen, Esther Hong, Jacob Victor
Adrienne Slater, Administrative Assistant for Jonathan Harris, Mike Parsons
Eric Warren, Administrative Assistant for Shirley Lin, Amanda Sen, David Simson