Spring 2014 Canceled Classes

Advanced Administrative Law Seminar (7/5/2013)
Prof. Rachel Barkow

Advanced Dispute Systems Design: The 9/11 and BP Oil Spill Funds and Alternatives to the Tort System (5/1/2013)
Prof. Kenneth Feinberg

Advanced Topics in Information Privacy Law Seminar and Writing Credit (1/23/2014)
Prof. Ira Rubinstein

Bank Regulation in a Time of Crisis (6/5/2013)
Prof. Geoffrey Miller

Chinese Attitudes Toward International Law (5/6/2013)
This class will be offered in Fall 2013.
Prof. Jerome Cohen

Civil Rights Clinic Litigation Seminar (4/26/2013)
Prof. Claudia Angelos

Current Issues in Immigrants' Rights Seminar and Writing Credit (12/18/2013)
Prof. Judy Rabinovitz

Employment Law and Dispute Resolution (6/24/2013)
This class will be offered in Fall 2013.
Prof. Samuel Estreicher

Ethics in Government: Investigation and Enforcement (11/27/2013)
Profs. Linda Lacewell and Ellen Biben

Only one section (LAW-LW.11914.002) has been canceled.
Prof. Geraldine Wu

Human Trafficking Seminar: Writing Credit (7/12/2013)
Prof. Anne Milgram

Income Taxation (Section 2) (4/23/2013)
Prof. Deborah Schenk

International Monetary System (10/28/2013)
Prof. Andreas Lowenfeld

Law of Transactions Seminar (5/10/2013)
Prof. Clayton Gillette

Legal English (as of 8/9/2013) (8/20/2013)
Prof. Karen Ross

Legal Ethics Bureau at NYU Law School (1/16/2014)
Prof. Barbara Gillers

Legal Ethics Bureau at NYU Law School Seminar (1/16/2014)
Prof. Barbara Gillers

Local Government Law (6/14/2013)
Prof. Clayton Gillette

Securities Law and Litigation Seminar (12/16/2013)
Prof. Warren Stern

Tax Ethics and Standards of Practice (6/28/2013)
Prof. Harry Ballan

Tax Policy Seminar (Section 2) (11/21/2013)
Prof. TBA

Prof. John Biggs

Value Added Taxation [ONLINE] (11/19/2013)
Prof. Richard Ainsworth