Recycling, Composting, and E-Waste

The Law School follows the University's waste rules.

Recycling Locations

Recycling bins can be found in all NYU Law buildings. 

Composting Locations

  • Vanderbilt Hall: In the Golding Cafe
  • Furman Hall: In Wachtell Cafe
  • D'Agostino Hall: In apartments and the Commons
  • Hayden Hall: In apartments

E-Waste Locations

  • Vanderbilt Hall: Outside of Room 211 and in Room 336
  • Furman Hall: Outside of Room LC-12 and outside of Room 605
  • D'Agostino Hall: In the Commons
  • Hayden Hall: In the Lobby

How to Compost in NYU Law Residential Housing

A small, tan compost bin has been placed in each D'Agostino Hall and Hayden Hall apartment. Residents should place all compostable materials (see list below) in this bin.  Once the bin is full, empty it into the large compost bin located in the trash closet on each residential floor.  A paper bag or newspaper may be used to line the bin in your apartment and disposed of in the hallway compost bin.  Plastic bags cannot be placed in the compost bins.