Leadership Mindset

At NYU Law, leadership is more than a buzzword; it's a mindset that infuses the entire Law School experience. As soon as students arrive on campus, we begin providing opportunities for them to develop their leadership capacity and preparing them to be leaders in their chosen fields.

A Purposeful Curriculum


In the first-year Lawyering program, NYU Law students learn through their coursework what it means to be a leader. They build skills including being an active listener, utilizing emotional intelligence when engaging with clients and adversaries, negotiating, and effective legal writing. Lawyering provides students with an understanding of law as a practice; gives them the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from faculty; and imparts the importance of holding strong to positions and making space for others to lead. 

Clinics and Externships

The skills students learn in Lawyering will be indispensable if they take one of NYU Law’s 42 clinics or externships as a 2L or 3L—and in the future, as they begin their careers as lawyers.

In the Technology Law and Policy Clinic, students like Joseph Adamczyk '22 learned to lead by helping to solve real-world problems.

The Global Justice Clinic, led by Margaret Satterthwaite '99, engages in work to prevent, challenge, and redress rights violations related to global inequality. 

Courses and Seminars

NYU Law incorporates crucial leadership training throughout its curriculum to prepare students to meet the demands of a swiftly evolving profession. Students develop leadership skills through their work in classes, colloquia, and seminars.

Trevor Morrison teaching

Dean Emeritus Trevor Morrison's guests for Lawyers as Leaders: The Corporate General Counsel Seminar included the current or former GCs of Verizon, Estee Lauder, and Dropbox.

Kenji Yoshino

Kenji Yoshino co-teaches the Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion seminar and prepares students to navigate, succeed in, and improve, today's workplace.

Helen Scott

Helen Scott co-teaches the Law and Business of Corporate Turnarounds and Leadership, examining the transformational leadership opportunities created by crisis.

Creating Knowledge

Centers and Institutes

The wide range of NYU Law’s intellectual life is on display in the diverse pursuits of its more than 30 research centers and institutes. They offer fellowships, leadership training workshops, and intellectual life programs that help students think critically about leadership across professional fields and enhance their leadership potential. 

Birnbaum Women's Leadership Network

Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Center offers leadership training to ensure that the students of NYU Law graduate ready to thrive in their chosen professions, taking the form of both the Women’s Leadership Fellows Program, a selective co-curricular training program, as well as open leadership development to students outside the Fellows program.

Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging aims to advance interdisciplinary legal scholarship on diversity, inclusion, and belonging; support the Law School community as it strives to live up to those values; and share expertise through targeted engagement with public and private institutions. It offers an annual speaker series featuring leaders from both academia and the public and private sectors. 

CRIL logo

The Center for Race, Inequality, and the Law provides opportunities for students, scholars, practitioners, and community members to examine and exchange ideas related to race, inequality, and leadership through lectures, symposia and scholarship. It holds public conversations featuring thought leaders, advocates, and scholars focused on the effects of race and inequality on a range of contemporary issues. 

Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship

Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship aims to develop future leaders in the fields of law and entrepreneurship by working to transform the way law creates positive impact in the world. Through research, teaching, and an annual prize, the Center fosters the development of the next generation of legal practitioners working on issues of law and social entrepreneurship.

Scholarship Programs

Several of the Law School’s signature scholarships centrally feature leadership training in their programming. Students further develop their leadership skills through leadership positions in student groups and opportunities within their scholarship cohorts.

AnBryce Scholarship Program offers full-tuition funding and support to incoming NYU Law students who are among the first in their immediate family to pursue a graduate or professional degree and have proven themselves to be leaders in the face of challenging social and economic circumstances.

Furman Public Policy Scholarship Program is an innovative and experience-based program designed to train and support top students who are interested in pursuing careers in the public policy sector. Each scholar is paired with a faculty mentor, who works with the student throughout the academic year and summer on opportunities for leadership-oriented experiential education, including clinics and externships.

Jacobson Leadership Program in Law and Business provides scholarships to students who aspire to a non-traditional career path that requires intensive training grounded in legal and business curricula, providing them with the professional training needed to take on leadership roles at home and around the world. 

Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarship Program, the nation’s premier public service scholarship, nurtures future public service leaders by providing unique educational, mentoring, and networking opportunities to students who have demonstrated a commitment to public service, academic excellence, and potential for leadership.