Past Colloquia

The following colloquia have been offered in past semesters and may be offered again in the future. Check the course catalogue if you would like to see which colloquia are offered during any particular semester.

Globalization, Economic Development, and Markets is devoted to special problems and challenges of developing countries in the global environment.

Golieb Research Colloquium, successor to the Legal History Colloquium, continues its unique missionthe training of young scholars rather than the testing of ideas of senior professors

Hauser Colloquium provides students with the opportunity to engage with international and transnational law by bringing to the seminar a cross-section of leading academics producing some of the most interesting new work.

Law, Economics, and Politics of Urban Affairs, taught jointly by faculty of the Law School and the Wagner School, allows students to explore the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of current debates in urban policy.