Colloquium on Innovation Policy

Professors Jeanne Fromer and Katherine Strandburg

Spring 2014
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00-5:50 pm
Tuesday: Furman Hall, Room 326
Thursday: Vanderbilt Hall, Room 202 

3 credits

The Colloquium on Innovation Policy focuses each year on different aspects of the law’s role in promoting creativity and invention. Topics have included open source and collaborative production, the history and economics of the intellectual property industries, criminal intellectual property laws, the intersection between intellectual property and antitrust law, and international innovation policy.

This year, we will examine the role of incentives in intellectual property law. Starting with theories of intellectual property law, we will go on to study the effects of incentives to act creatively on individuals; the incentives that drive different categories of innovators, including users; norms that have arisen in spaces without intellectual property protection, such as fashion, and atop areas that do provide intellectual property protection, such as open-source software; and what incentives firms might need to innovate. We will draw on legal sources as well as related work in psychology, economics, and sociology.

The Colloquium has two components. In one, leading thinkers are invited to present recent work. In the other, we read background materials relevant to each speaker's presentation. The Colloquium also provides each student with the opportunity to write and present an independent research paper.

Spring 2014 Schedule of Presenters

Tuesday, February 4

Alessandro Nuvolari, Associate Professor of Economic History, Institute of Economics, Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies
Diffusing New Technology Without Dissipating Rents: Some Historical Case Studies of Knowledge Sharing

Thursday, February 13 - RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY, MAY 1

Michael Burstein, Assistant Professor of Law, Cardozo School of Law
Governing Innovation Prizes [with Fiona Murray]

Thursday, February 20

Jessica Silbey, Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School
Making Do with A Misfit

Thursday, February 27

Nikolaus Franke, University Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business
The Seven IP Commandments of a Crowdsourcing Community: How Norms-Based IP Systems Overcome Imitation Problems [with Julia Bauer & Philipp Tuertscher]

Thursday, March 6

Andres Sawicki, Associate Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law
Law and Informal Rules of Collaborative Creation [with Anthony Casey]

Thursday, March 13

Robert Eisenberger, Professor of Psychology and Management, University of Houston
Can Creativity Be Purchased?

Thursday, March 27

Karim Lakhani, Lumry Family Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
How Disclosure Policies Impact Search in Open Innovation [with Kevin Boudreau]

Tuesday, April 8

Orly Lobel, Don Weckstein Professor of Labor and Employment Law, University of San Diego School of Law
The New Cognitive Property: Human Capital, Knowledge Creation, and the Reach of Intellectual Property

Questions about the Colloquium should be addressed to Nicole Arzt at or 212-998-6013.