Latinx Law Students Association



LaLSA supports Latinx students and provides opportunities for NYU School of Law students to be a part of and serve the wider Latinx community.

We help students adjust to the demands of law school by offering programs that focus on professional and academic development, and providing a network of friends and alumni. At the same time, LaLSA is a source of dedicated Latinx students who provide public service to the large and diverse Latinx community, from mentoring Latinx children in lower income neighborhoods to providing bilingual assistance to adults. We are also active in national law student groups that provide mentoring for prospective Latinx law students nationwide. LaLSA social events are an integral part of how we work and create our community. Potluck dinners, salsa dancing in the city, parties, visits to museums, all provide time to socialize with fellow students and enjoy the many wonders of New York City.


2019-2020 LaLSA Board

Executive Co-Chairs
Ashley Dean & Jesica Tenaglia

Internal Vice President
Elena Rodriguez Anderson

Andre Ceccotti

Social Co-Chairs
Ana Lopez & Adrian Melendez-Cooper

Private Sector Professional Development Co-Chairs
Amanda Gonzalez-Burton & Mariana Munera

Public Interest Professional Development Chair
Sofia Lopez Franco

Political Action and Community Outreach Chair
Alex Cubaleski

Alumni Chair & Metro LaLSA Delegate
Hannah Umansky-Castro

Academic Chair
Sylvia Precht-Rodriguez

Admissions Co-Chairs
Clara Correa & Josephine Ramseyer

Communications Chair
Nick Teleky

LaLSA Statement on DACA

The Latinx Law Students Association (LaLSA) is repulsed by President Trump’s recent announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. We know that many of our members are personally affected by the President’s decision and are wondering what’s next. LaLSA re-affirms our commitment to you all. We know deeply that no one in our community is disposable. We see you, we love you, and we will fight for you.

President Trump’s announcement is the latest result of a year-long anti-immigrant campaign founded on reinvigorating centuries-old fears of immigrants of color and encouraging hatred towards our people and non-Latinx immigrants of color. In the last month, we have seen President Trump pardon a sheriff infamous for his racially motivated abuses of Latinxs, encourage police violence at a rally meant to invoke terror against Salvadoran and Central American teenagers, and condone white supremacist groups.

Despite President Trump and the anti-immigrant movement’s attempt to privilege some immigrants over others, know that we will keep on fighting for our entire community. We will keep on fighting for our vulnerable, for our criminalized, for our LGBTQ siblings, for our refugees fleeing violence. We will keep on fighting for a future in which our potential is actualized. A future without militarized walls, without our community in detention centers or prison cells. A future where our worth is not calculated by our intellectual or physical labor, but is understood simply because we exist. Know that we love you. Know that we will keep on fighting for you and the non-Latinx communities affected by our severely broken immigration system.

If you would like to help DACA-recipients pay legal fees ($495) to renew their applications, please donate and share this fundraiser. Additionally, please contact your senators and urge them to defend DACA, without further militarizing the border, or deporting more immigrants. Text “Resist” to 50409 to send a fax to your senators.

If you are a student or know an NYU staff member in need of any legal assistance, please contact the NYU Immigrant Defense Initiative at for free legal advice and representation.

In solidarity,
Latinx Law Students Association (LaLSA)
With support from:
Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)
Black Allied Law Students Association (BALSA)
Coalition on Law & Representation (CoLR)
Disability Allied Law Students Association (DALSA)
Law Women
Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA)
Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA)
South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)
Women of Color Collective (WoCC)

2018-2019 LaLSA Board

Executive Co-Chairs
Alexis Alvarez & Juan Martinez-Hill

Caleb Roche

Social Co-Chairs
Branden Lau & Daniela Serna

Private Sector Professional Development Co-Chairs
Elizabeth Damaskos & Eric Padilla

Public Interest Professional Development Chair
Juan Bodeya

Community Service & Political Action Chair
Michelle Rosales

Alumni Chair & Metro LaLSA Delegate
Nahuel Fefer

Academic Chair
Maryam Sonboli

Admissions Co-Chairs
Katherine Herlod & Nicolas Shump

Communications Chair
Haley Patterson

National Latina/o Law Student Association (NLLSA) Conference
Conference Chair - Melissa Quintana
Conference Planning Committee, NYU Law Subcommittee Chair - Nicholle Lamartina Palacios
Conference Planning Committee, NYU Law Subcommittee Member - Elizabeth Damaskos
Conference Planning Committee, NYU Law Subcommittee Member - Juan Martinez-Hill



2017-2018 LaLSA Board

Executive Co-Chairs
Victoria Hamscho & Melissa Quintana

Stephanie Klinkenberg-Ramirez

Social Co-Chairs 
Nicole Blansett & Tatiana Fields

Professional Development Co-Chairs
Clara Aragone-Diaz & Fatima Carrillo

Alumni Chair & Metro LaLSA Delegate
Avelino Garcia

Political Action & Community Service Chair
Gerardo Romo

Academic Chair
Caroline Diaz

Admissions Co-Chairs
Pia Figuerola & Edwin Abundis

Communications Chair 
Vanessa Vallecillo


2016-2017 LaLSA Board

Executive Co-Chairs
Claudia Carvajal & Nico Duque-Franco

Juan Hernandez

Social Chairs 
Claudia Diaz & Pati de Lucio

Academic Chair
Laura Arango

Political Action & Community Service Chair
Mason Pesek

Alumni Chair
Kristen Nicol

Admissions Chairs
Verónica Casellas

Professional Development Chairs
Britney Nagle & Ana Koff

Leticia M. Quezada 


For more information about LaLSA, please contact or visit our Facebook group. Incoming and prospective students are encouraged to reach out! 


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