Student Organizations

Brazilian Legal Society (BLS)

The Brazilian Legal Society (BLS) at NYU School of Law was founded in February 2016 and aggregates current and former NYU Law students, faculty members, professionals, and other individuals interested in academic and business interchange between Brazil and the United States.

BLS’s major objective is to establish a forum in which Brazilian legal, political, economic, cultural, and social issues can be openly discussed and addressed. To accomplish that objective, BLS organizes and supports academic and business events.

In addition, together with international and Brazilian law firms, NGOs, and other public and private institutions, BLS engages in selected projects designed to foster the development of Brazilian public and private sectors.

The current Board of Directors of BLS (2021-2022) is composed of the following students:

Caio Brito
Renata Eisenberg 

Eduardo Lemos

Camila Manso

Communications Officer
Luisa Shinzato

Academic Officer
Thassila Uatanabe

Event Officers
Igor Castro
Julia Lavigne
Natália Veiga

Cultural Activities Officer
Pedro Pacifico

Alumni Relations Officers
Flavio Amorim
Isabella Linhares

Sponsorship Planning Officers
Teresa Lotufo
Octavio Rizkallah


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