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PILC Career Resources

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PILC offers an extensive range of career resources and guidance to NYU Law students and alumni who are exploring and pursuing public interest careers.

Careers in Public Interest Law

PILC has compiled extensive guidance on all aspects of the public interest job search, including an overview of public interest career opportunities, application guidance, networking advice, and interview prep and follow up.

Talk to us!

PILC's advisors can help you assess your interests and strategize opportunities. provide feedback on applications; conduct mock interviews. and offer general guidance on navigating the landscape of public interest legal careers.

Practice Area Resources

PILC offers a variety of resources to students and alumni about the range of career options in the public interest sphere, as well as targeted guidance on specific areas of public interest legal work.

Job Search Resources

PILC has compiled an assortment of resources to help you with your internship and post-graduate job search, including PILC guides, internal and external job listings, and career fairs.

Application Guidance

PILC has reviewed thousands of public interest job applications, and has guidance for applicants at each step of the process. We have also collected some particularly strong cover letter and resume samples covering a variety of types of applications.


Networking is a critical part of your internship and post-graduate job search. It will help you develop relationships in your areas of focus and learn more about different fields and career trajectories that can help you plan for your legal career.

Alumni Resources

PILC's full range of career support extends not only to NYU Law students, but to alumni throughout their public interest careers, including those looking to transition between practice areas, from the private sector, or even into non-legal pubic interest roles.

NYS Pro Bono Requirement

Under the New York State Pro Bono requirement, persons applying for admission to the New York State Bar must file an affidavit showing that they have performed fifty hours of pro bono service.