Connecting to Library Resources

The library promotes resources with primarily 4 different types of access:

  • IP Address
  • Individual Accounts
  • Password
  • Open Access

IP Address

Most library resources require you to authenticate via IP address. When you are off-campus, this means that you have to use your NYU Login credentials (netID) to sign in through the NYU Libraries EZ Proxy Server.

  • You must access the resource through a URL that has the proxy server prefix
  • When you click on the link, you should be prompted to sign in with your NYU Login credentials (if you have already logged in, it may remember your credentials for a period of time).


  • Some resources will not permit you to access if you are connecting through a VPN, so if you are having trouble connecting, make sure you try disconnecting from your VPN.
  • If the link you are using does not have a proxy prefix (for example, links from email alerts), use these instructions to set up a bookmarklet to access them though the proxy server.

Individual Accounts

Some library resources require that you create an individual account in order to access the resource. Please follow the instructions included in the resource description to create your account. You can log in to your account both on-campus and off-campus.


  • Some resources require that you authenticate by IP address for the account creation process, although it may not be required to access the resource content.

If you need help with the account creation process, please email


Some library resources are password-protected. Resource descriptions will include instructions on how to access the resource. You can access these from both on and off campus in the same way.

Open Access

Open access resources require no authentication and should be easily available from anywhere.

To report an unexpected problem while using a Law Library resource, please submit a ticket to the Law Library Technology Portal.