2011-2012 Fellows

Thematic Fellows

The theme for our third year, 2011-2012, devised in consultation between Professors J.H.H. Weiler and Jeremy Waldron is Religion and Public Reason.

Adam Becker

Associate Professor of Classics and Religious Studies at New York University.


Religion and National Awakening in the Modern Middle East: Mission, Orientalism, and the American Evangelical Roots of Assyrian Nationalism (1834-1906)

Seyla Benhabib

Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Yale University and was Director of its Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics (2002-2008).


The Future of Democratic Sovereignty and Transnational Law - A Philosopher's Take


The Future of Democratic Sovereignty and Transnational Law.
On Legal Utopianism and Democratic Skepticism

Andrea Büchler

Chair of Private and Comparative Law in the Institute of Law at the University of Zurich. 


Organ Transplantation: Sanctity or Social Responsibility of the Body? Religious, cultural and legal norms and the public and private struggles over the body

Working Paper:

Regulating the Sacred 
Organ donation and transplantation: autonomy and integrity of the person or social responsibility of the body?

Damian Chalmers

Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in EU law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 


Looking in particular at EU law as a particular intense form of transnational law, this research project considers whether there is a distinctive 'transnational' Public Reason which underpins transnational legal authority, and serves to identify and distinguish it from domestic law.

Rafael Domingo

Professor of Law and former Dean of the University of Navarra School of Law (Spain). 


A New Global Paradigm for Religious Freedom


A New Global Paradigm for Religious Freedom

Wael Farouq

Visiting professor at the Faculty of Law, Macerata University since 2005 and instructor at the Arabic Language Institute at the American University in Cairo since 2006.


Islam, Arab mind, fiqh and language

Ruth Gavison

Haim H. Cohn Professor (emerita) of Human Rights at the faculty of law, the Hebrew University.


The Quest for Political Identity between Universalism and Particularism: Nationalism (Ethnic or Civic), Religion, Culture and Humanism

Philip Hamburger

Maurice and Hilda Friedman Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. 


Examine the history of religion in order to explore broader questions of religious liberty.

Ran Hirschl

Professor of Political Science and Law, and holds a senior Canada Research Chair in Constitutionalism and Democracy at the University of Toronto. 


Comparative Constitutional Law and Religion: New Directions

Janez Kranjc

Head of International Forum and Chair of Legal History, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 


Values in the Law: Lasting Echoes of Roman Law?


Virtues in the Law: The Case of Pietas

José Tolentino Mendonça

Teaches Biblical Studies at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portuguese Catholic University, in Lisbon), he is the director of Didaskalia, the scientific review of the Faculty of Theology.


The Hermeneutics of the Writings of Saint Paul

At-Large Fellows

Roberto Bin

Professor of Constitutional law at the University of Ferrara (Italy).


Legal text and judicial adjudication: What lawyers can learn from modern Physics


Order and Disorder
Legal Adjudication and Quantum Epistemology

Charles Leben

Emeritus professor of law at Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2) University where he taught from 1991 to 2010 after some time atUniversité de Bourgogne (Burgundy University, Dijon).


The Jewish Roots of International Law in Early Modern Europe

Michel Troper

Has been teaching Constitutional Law and Legal theory since 1969, first at the University of Rouen then at Paris X.


The Legal System and the Emergence of the State


The Structure of the Legal system and the Emergence of the State