Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As an incoming student, can I get housing?
  2. Is there family housing?
  3. What type of housing is available?
  4. What are my chances of getting a studio?
  5. What percentage of entering 1Ls live in NYU School of Law residences?
  6. Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?
  7. Which building do the majority of first year students live in?
  8. What furnishings are provided?
  9. Can I stay in New York University School of Law housing during the summer?
  10. Is Hayden Hall far away?
  11. What happens if I am assigned with an apartmentmate I don’t like?
  12. Is housing coed?
  13. Does housing remain open during the Winter Break?
  14. Are pets allowed?
  15. How safe is the neighborhood?
  16. What are the housing rates?
  17. What is the phone service?
  18. How do I arrange/pay for utilities?
  19. What other services are provided?
  20. Is there a meal plan?

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As an incoming student, can I get housing?

As long as all payment and application deadlines are met, housing is available for all entering students if applying for a shared space only (see below for family housing limitations) by May 15. Applications are automatically sent to students who have been admitted & deposited to New York University School of Law. 

Is there family/partner housing?

Yes! Please be advised, however, that our housing for family/partner is limited. While we have family housing spaces for incoming students, the demand may exceed available spaces. 

What type of housing is available?

Studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments are available within our residences. Our Web site contains information detailing options and rates for the apartment types available in our two high-rises (Hayden Hall and D'Agostino Hall).

What are my chances of getting a studio?

You will notice in your housing options information that a small number of studios are available. A portion of those available are suitable for family housing. D’Agostino Hall has very few available studios. Understandably, current students eligible to reserve a space during the Lottery will deplete the supply of some studios.

Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

The University is a smoke free campus. Accordingly, smoking is prohibited in all School of Law residence halls (apartments, common areas, terraces, balconies, etc.). Any resident or guest wishing to smoke must exit the building to do so in the designated smoking area.

Which building do the majority of first year students live in?

First year law students live in both Hayden Hall and D'Agostino Hall.

What furnishings are provided?

You are provided with a bed, desk, dresser (drawer space), table, and chairs. Kitchens include a refrigerator, oven, 4-burner stove, sink, and cabinets. Microwaves are not provided. Bathrooms have both tub and shower. D'Agostino bedrooms have wall lighting. All apartments have air conditioning. Bedrooms in Hayden Hall do not have overhead lighting. Halogen lamps are prohibited in all University residence halls.

University furniture may not be removed from the apartments.

Can I stay in School of Law housing during the summer/holidays/winter break?

School of Law residences remain open during the summer. Summer housing applications are available in early February. All School of Law residences remain open over the University Winter Break and between semesters.

Is Hayden Hall far away?

No. Maps may deceptively indicate that the Hayden Hall is a far distance from Vanderbilt. Hayden Hall is less than a 10 minute walk from Vanderbilt Hall (Center of Law School campus).

What happens if I am assigned with an apartmentmate I don’t like?

Our experience shows us that this level of commitment and maturity results in remarkably few situations of apartmentmate incompatibility. However, when apartmentmates concluded that their living situation is incompatible, the Office of Residential Life, staffed with Professional staff & Community Advisors, will mediate any conflicts. 

Is housing coed?

Yes, our residence halls are coed. General assignments are based on sex. Students may choose to designate an individual apartment coed.

Are pets allowed?

As stated in the Housing License, which all residents signed, pets are not allowed in student apartments. Keeping or caring for pets or animals in any residence hall is not permitted with the exception of fish in a tank no larger than ten gallons, dogs identified as service animals or emotional support animals previously approved by the Moses Center for Student Accessibility. The owner of any emotional support/service animal is ultimately responsible for the actions of the animal. As such, students must ensure proper noise control, hygiene and care of their approved emotional support/service animal so that it is not disruptive to the educational pursuits of the community. Failure to do so, may result in a conduct action.

How safe is the neighborhood?

Urban living requires that one is constantly alert, aware of their surroundings and follows basic safety precautions. Our high-rise buildings have 24-hour Door Attendants and NYU Public Safety provides 24-hour security services. 

What are the housing rates?

Rates vary according to apartment type and location. Our Web site contains all the necessary information on rates. Your license is for the full academic year; billing is by semester.

What is the phone service?

NYU Net is the required telephone service for all residents in D’Agostino Hall and Hayden Hall. There is no installation charge or required security deposit. Features include touch-tone, unlimited local usage, voice-mail, and call-waiting services.

What services are included in my housing fees?

Hayden Hall and D'Agostino Hall provide laundry facilities, study space, terraces, computer labs, online and data capability, game rooms, local phone service, and University cable TV. Electric and/or gas service for all NYU School of Law residences is included in the housing rate.

Is there a meal plan?

Meal Plan options available.