Qin (Sky) Ma

Global Fellow Qin Ma

Qin (Sky) Ma

Post-Doctoral Global Fellow

Sky Ma’s research interest lies in comparative criminal justice, law and technology, law and politics, legal profession, evidence, and international criminal justice. Sky received her SJD and LLM from UCLA School of Law, JM and PhD in Law from Tsinghua University. She served as an extern Judicial Clerk for the Justice at the California Court of Appeal Second District. 

Sky has published several papers on the right to counsel, rights of defense lawyers, and criminal justice reform. She worked at the Supreme People’s Court of China and deeply participated in drafting the Judicial Interpretation of the Criminal Procedure Law of China (2021). As a member of the Drafting Group, she has co-authored several papers and a book about Judicial Interpretation. Besides, Sky is the principal investigator of several research projects on law and technology funded by the China Law Society and China’s Ministry of Education.

At NYU, Sky will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and remedies associated with the Chinese characteristic rule of law, adopting a comparative law approach. Additionally, her research will delve into the influence of technology on the criminal justice systems of both China and the United States.

Center Affiliation: US-Asia Law Institute
Research Project: In the Shadow of Politics: Rethinking the Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics?