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  1. World Trade Organization Law
  2. Other Areas of International Law
  3. Globalization and Global Governance
  4. Legal and Political Philosophy
  5. The Federal Vision
  6. Related Links

I.  World Trade Organization Law

Beyond the Divide: The Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the World Trade Organization (PDF)

The Creative Evolution of World Trade (PDF)

Post-Hearing Submission to the International Trade Commission: World Trade Law and Renewable Energy: The Case of Non-Tariff Measures (PDF)

India’s WTO Challenge to Drug Enforcement Conditions in the European Community Generalized System of Preferences (PDF)

A (Genetically Modified) Food Fight: Canada's WTO Challenge to Europe's Ban on GM Products (PDF)

The WTO Impact on Internal Regulations -- A Case Study of the Canada -- EC Asbestos Dispute (PDF)

Human Rights in the WTO: Whose Rights? What Humanity? Comments on Petersmann (PDF)

How to Begin to Think About the Democratic Deficit at the WTO (PDF)

Membership and its Privileges:, The WTO, Civil Society, and the Amicus Brief Controversy (PDF)

Enhancing WTO Legitimacy: Constitutionalization or Global Subsidiarity? (PDF)

From Politics to Technocracy and Back Again - The Fate of the Multilateral Trading Regime (PDF)

Protecting Human Rights in A Global Economy

The Appellate Body Rulings in the Shrimp/Turtle Case: A New Legal Baseline for the Trade and Environment Debate (PDF)

The WTO negotiations on services: The regulatory state up for grabs (PDF)

Regulation of International Trade - by Michael J. Trebilcock,  Robert Howse
Table of Contents, etc. Sample pages of the text.

The WTO on Trial - summary

The WHO/WTO Study on Trade and Public Health: A Critical Assessment (PDF)



II.  Other Areas of International Law

The Road to Baghdad is Paved with Good Intentions - abstract


III.  Globalization and Global Governance

Democracy without Sovereignty - The Global Vocation of Political Ethics


IV.  Legal and Political Philosophy

Man of Peace: Rehearing the Case Against Leo Strauss (PDF)

Europe and the New World Order: Lessons from Alexandre Kojeve’s Engagement with Schmitt’s ‘Nomos der Erde’ (PDF)

Leo Strauss-Man of War? Straussianism, Iraq and the Neocons (PDF)

Montesquieu on Commerce, Conquest, War, and Peace (PDF)

The Voices of Law in Plato's Crito (PDF)

The Philosophy of Law and the Legal Status and Role of Philosophy: Reflections on Leo Strauss, Philosophie und Gesetz (PDF)

The Use and Abuse of Leo Strauss in the Schmitt Revival on the German Right - The Case of Heinrich Meier (PDF)

Restorative Justice ~ A Conceptual Framework

Outline of a Phenomenology of Right -  By Alexandre Kojéve
Edited by Bryan-Paul Frost
Translated by Bryan-Paul Frost and Robert Howse
Table of Contents   Reviews



IV. The Federal Vision - 


Co-editor, Kalypso Nicolaidis

Pride and Resentment

The Federal Vision - table of contents (PDF)

Virtual Book Tour

Introduction: The Federal Vision, Levels of Governance, and Legitimacy (PDF)

'This is my EUtopia . . . ': Narrative as Power (PDF)


V. Related Links