Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for the Office of Communications? Please read our guide to frequently asked questions, organized by topic.

For the Media

I am a member of the press. How do I get more information about NYU Law events or faculty? Visit For the Media to get an overview of our resources. You can also reach out to our public affairs officers: Michael Orey at (914) 330-5555 or and Emily Rosenthal at (516) 320-1825 or

For the NYU Law Community

Event Planning & Publicity
  • I am planning an event at NYU School of Law. How do I get started? The Dean’s Office coordinates virtual events and programs that enrich the intellectual life of the Law School and the broader legal community. If you plan to host a faculty-, student-, or center-initiated virtual program during the fall semester, please fill out the Dean’s Office questionnaire.
  • How do I publicize my event? To get started, make sure to list your event in the Law School calendar. For security reasons, we do not recommend including links to events that are not password-protected on your calendar entry. If you are using NYU Zoom, available via NYU Home, you may find this guide to using Zoom useful.

    You may also have questions about web or social media exposure and media coverage for your event. Please contact us to discuss your communications strategy at or (212) 998-6107. Information about potential design projects to promote your event appears below.

Event Promotion Design Product Types
  • What can be created to promote my event? The Office of Communications creates electronic signs (esigns), email banners, and posters to help promote NYU Law events. You can find more details about design product types in our Design Project Guide. If you are ready to create materials for your event, please submit a design project request.
  • What are esigns? Esigns are the electronic signs that you see displayed on monitors throughout NYU School of Law, such as in the Furman Hall Lobby. Esigns primarily promote events held at NYU Law.
  • How do I request an esign? If you are with a student organization that is hosting an event, please email Otherwise, submit a design project request to our office or contact David Niedenthal at
  • I requested an esign for my event. When will it be posted? Esigns are posted to the Law School monitors one week before an event takes place, depending on how long the queue is. If you need corrections made to your esign, or if your event has been canceled, please contact David Niedenthal at
  • How do I use an email banner? You can use an email banner at the top of your email invitations.
  • How much text can I put on an email banner? We find that keeping it simple works best and looks great, so the title of your event and the date are enough. You can always provide more detail in the body of your email.
  • Are there any other uses for email banners? You can use email banners on any email correspondence you send your constituents, such as news updates about your program. 
  • Are email banners only for promoting events? No. We also produce branded email banners for NYU Law departments.
  • How do I request an email banner? Submit a design project request to our office or contact David Niedenthal at
  • How early do I need to submit a request for a printed poster? You can never submit a request too early, but please allow two to three weeks for design.
  • How much will a poster cost? You can have your poster printed at no charge if you send a high-resolution PDF to Duplication Services.
Design Project Requests

Before submitting documents, please make sure you have sent a design project request to David Niedenthal at

  • How long is the production time? Normal turnaround time for design is three weeks, plus one or two weeks for printing, depending on the complexity of the project. 
  • How do I prepare my text? All text should be submitted in a Word document with minimal formatting. Bold and italic text are fine, but complicated columns, tables, or tabs will not translate into the design software we use. The designer assigned to the job will format the text appropriately. Please refer to the NYU Law Editorial Style Guide and NYU Law Design Projects Guide when creating text.
  • Does text need to be copyedited? All jobs with a large amount of text (such as programs) require copyediting. When workload will not allow us to handle copyediting in-house, our office will make arrangements with a freelance copy editor on your behalf, and the work will be charged to you.
  • How do I submit speaker headshots for posters, programs, and brochures? Please ask each participant to submit a JPG that is 300 dpi, at least 5 x 7 inches, and not tightly cropped. Images taken from the web cannot be used because they will look pixelated on the printed materials and esign monitors.
  • How do I submit co-sponsor logos? Ask co-sponsors to submit their logo in vector format. Files with the extension of “.eps” or “.ai” are best. Logos in vector format will reproduce at the highest quality. JPGs should not be submitted as they will appear pixelated, limiting the way they can be used, if at all, in the layout.
  • How do I book photography for my event? You can book photography through the NYU Photo Bureau. Please use this booking form.
  • How do I find a hi-res faculty photo? Visit the Full-Time Faculty Directory. Click on the faculty member’s profile. In the left-hand navigation, you will find a link to the hi-res portrait.
  • I would like to update my faculty profile photo. What do I do? Contact David Niedenthal, our senior creative director, at so we can schedule you as part of an upcoming photo shoot.
  • How do I get my photo added to the online Picture Book? If you would like a photo, please contact the NYU Photo Bureau.
  • How do I book A/V, including video production, for my event? The majority of events are being held remotely for the time being. If you have any questions about how to set up a virtual meeting or webinar, please contact Patrick Kelly at
  • If I have requested video or audio of an event, what do I tell my participants? In general, we suggest that, as a courtesy, you let them know their remarks may be made publicly available on the web.
  • I want to watch videos of NYU School of Law events. Where do I go? Visit the NYU Law YouTube channel. Here you will find panels; lectures; interviews with Law School faculty; and the NYU Law Forum, sponsored by Latham & Watkins.
  • Who makes those cool videos of faculty and students that I see on the website? The Office of Communications produces select original videos for institutional purposes. If you would like to discuss an editorial video project with us, please contact us at
Social Media

NYU School of Law is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. For specific questions, email

  • What are some guidelines for using social media as a member of the NYU community? NYU has developed a brief set of social media guidelines and best practices for anyone in the community, including those representing NYU entities. If you are interested in launching a new, NYU Law–related social media channel, please contact before doing so. 
  • Where can I find members of the NYU Law community on Twitter? Visit our list of all NYU Law faculty, centers, and student organizations on Twitter. If you or your group is not on this list but should be, please contact, and we will be happy to make additions.
  • I am interested in getting on Twitter. How do I get started? The Office of Communications gives individual training sessions on social media, customized for your level of comfort and your specific objectives. We can also give group trainings for centers or student organizations that would like to learn more about how to take advantage of social media. To get started, contact
  • How can I promote my event on social media? The Office of Communications can help individuals and organizations get started on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so that you can promote your scholarship, projects, and events. The NYU Law Facebook and Twitter accounts also promote a limited number of Law School events.
  • I have great photos of a Law School event or student life. Can I submit them to the NYU Law Instagram, Facebook page, or Twitter feed? Yes! We welcome submissions for inclusion on social media. Please send your photos to for consideration.
  • Where can I get the NYU School of Law logo? Please visit our NYU Law logo page for proper guidelines for using the logo and to download the logo.
  • Is it NYU School of Law, or NYU Law, or the Law School? On first reference, use New York University School of Law, NYU School of Law, or NYU Law. After that, you can also use the Law School. For other style questions, please refer to our Editorial Style Guide.
  • What is the NYU Law Magazine? The NYU Law Magazine, published each fall, has in-depth features on notable alumni or faculty members, academic areas, and pressing issues of our times. It also includes news stories about the Law School’s faculty, scholarship, programs, students, alumni, and events.
  • Who receives the magazine? Our mailing list includes our alumni, faculty, and administrators as well as law faculty throughout the nation and other members of the legal community. It is also distributed around the campus for students to pick up.
  • I have a story idea or news for the NYU Law Magazine. Is there someone I can contact? Of course! The editorial staff welcomes story ideas and news. Please email
  • I am new to Drupal, the content management system used by NYU School of Law. Is there training available? Yes! Please visit Web Help, a valuable resource that provides basic training videos and instructions. 
  • How can I get editing privileges for my webpages? Please request an editor account.
  • I am having trouble adding pages/images/PDFs to my webpage. Where can I get help? Please refer to the Web Help pages. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at or (212) 998-6111. You can also open a ticket.
  • How do I format my text appropriately for the website? Please consult our Editorial Style Guide.
  • How do I improve my web presence? We can work with you and ITS to create a plan to improve your web presence. Contact us at to get started.
  • How do I make my webpages accessible? The Law School Technology department has a helpful guide on making your pages accessible. 

Still seeking an answer? Contact us at