NYU Law Logo Usage

The NYU Law logo is the central visual device within the NYU graphic identity. It must always be reproduced complete and unmodified with all of its components intact. This is important in order to maintain consistency in the logo's appearance and ensure visual integrity.


  • Do not change the logo art
  • Do not color the logo with other colors. Do not remove the torch from the box.
  • Do not rearrange, redraw, or scale the elements of the logo.
  • Do not lock up additional type inside the clear space.


  • Do not use the black or color logo over dark or busy background images. Only use the logo over backgrounds that allow for enough contrast to have the logo read clearly.
  • Do not use the white logo over light backgrounds where there isn't enough contrast to have the logo read clearly.
  • Do not allow the background to show through the torch on the black or color logo versions.

File Formats

  • only EPS and PNG formats preserve background transparency
  • EPS format is a vector image, while JPG and PNG are raster images
  • PNG format is best suitable for web applications
  • EPS format is best suitable for print

Logo Usage


Academic and Administrative Units

The logo is to be used by all academic and administrative units at NYU Law.


Any student, organization wishing to use the NYU Law logo must obtain the right to do so in writing.

External Organizations

Any individual, organization, or company outside the school wishing to use the NYU Law logo must obtain the right to do so in writing.


By downloading the NYU Law artwork, you agree to strictly adhere to the above guidelines. Right click on link to download file.


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