About Us

At the Tax Law Center, we bring a public interest perspective and strong legal expertise to consequential tax policy decisions. Our work seeks to: 

Provide rigorous legal input into tax law and administrative decisions.

We weigh in on the technical details of tax legislation. We also weigh in on regulatory, judicial, and administrative decisions about how tax laws are implemented that have a big impact on how tax policy works in practice.  

Engage and amplify the work of tax experts.

We collaborate with tax law academics and practitioners around the country to further our mission and are based at NYU Law, home of the premier graduate tax law program in the nation.  

Ensure strategic and consistent engagement.

Important tax policy questions can take years to move into law, regulation and through the courts. We monitor and provide legal input on consequential tax issues throughout their journey. 

Improve the processes and structures of tax law and policymaking.

The process and institutions by which tax laws are drafted, tax regulations promulgated, and tax disputes decided shape the substance of tax law. We assess and advance proposals to strengthen these processes and institutions. 

Demystify complex but important tax law decisions.

The technical nature of tax laws, regulations, and court cases can obscure their high stakes. We are a resource for policymakers, the media, and civil society to better understand the impacts of these tax law decisions.