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The following links and resources were compiled by Amy Wright-Parra, Director, NYU Law Human Resources; June Su, Associate Director, NYU Law Human Resources; Lindsay Kendrick, Dean of Students and the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at NYU School of Law; and Savannah Lynn, Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusion at NYU School of Law.

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  • The Hate U Givea film based on the YA novel offering a portrait of race in America
  • Just Mercya film based on civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson’s work on death row in Alabama
  • Becoming, a Netflix documentary following Michelle Obama on her book tour
  • Selmaa film that chronicles the marches of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Let It Falla documentary looking at racial tensions in Los Angeles and the 1992 riots over LAPD officers’ brutal assault on Rodney King
  • Whose Streets?a documentary about the uprising in Ferguson
  • When They See Usa Netflix miniseries from Ava DuVernay about the Central Park Five
  • The Central Park Fivea documentary from Ken Burns
  • 13tha Netflix documentary exposing racial inequality within the criminal justice system
  • I Am Not Your Negro, a documentary envisioning the book James Baldwin was never able to finish
  • Fruitvale Stationa film with Michael B. Jordan about the killing of Oscar Grant
  • American Sona film with Kerry Washington about an estranged interracial couple waiting for their missing son
  • Dear White Peoplea Netflix series about being black at a predominantly white college


  • Still Processing, a New York Times culture podcast with Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morrison
  • Seeing White, a Scene on the Radio podcast
  • Code Switch, an NPR podcast tackling race
  • Jemele Hill is Unbothered, a podcast with journalist Jemele Hill
  • Pod Save The People, organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson explores news, culture, social justice, and politics with analysis from fellow activists Brittany Packnett, Sam Sinyangwe, and writer Dr. Clint Smith III
  • The Appeal, a podcast on criminal justice reform by Adam Johnson
  • Justice in America, a podcast by Josie Duffy Rice and Clint Smith on criminal justice reform 

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