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Our Mission

Lawyers today cannot fully understand the American legal landscape without studying the relationship between race, ethnicity, and economic inequality on one hand, and the successes and failures of legal structures on the other.

Historically, the NYU School of Law has engaged in activities designed to heighten awareness and to bring intellectual energy to pressing questions of race and ethnicity in the law. Today, the Law School recognizes that in order to make the greatest possible contribution to scholarship and policy in these areas, its efforts must be centralized, expanded, and invigorated. To do so is not just responsive to the needs of the day, but also to the desires of the broader Law School Community. 

The Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law provides opportunities for students, scholars, practitioners and community members to examine and exchange ideas related to race, inequality, and leadership through lectures, symposia and scholarship. A project of the Law School, the interdisciplinary center, among other things, coordinates curricular development to offer a concentration of courses and serves as a resource for faculty whose teaching or scholarship addresses subjects related to race, ethnicity and inequality. In addition to developing and providing a home for events and activities pertaining to these issues—including the prestigious lecture series named for civil rights attorney, critical race theory pioneer, and beloved NYU Law professor Derrick Bell—the center will grow to offer scholarships and fellowships, embracing projects that diversify not only the pipeline to legal scholarship, but to societal leadership more broadly. With a foundation in New York City, deep connectivity to the world of practice, and a global perspective, NYU School of Law is ideally suited to developing a center to examine and address issues of race, inequality, and the law using a multi-disciplinary approach.

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