Litigation & Procedure

Centers & Intellectual Life

Arthur Miller’s students perform different parts of the famous 1938 Supreme Court case Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins each year.

The Law School fosters community and engagement with legal ideas through its centers and programs, hosting events throughout the year and supporting ongoing projects:

The Institute of Judicial Administration solidifies NYU Law’s status as a non-partisan resource for the judicial community. IJA programming includes annual appellate judges training seminars, workshops on special topics in the law, and the annual William Brennan Jr. Lecture on State Courts and Social Justice.

The Brennan Center for Justice is a non-partisan think tank and advocacy group focused on law and policy and dedicated to the causes of democracy and justice. With offices in New York and Washington, DC, the institute addresses such contemporary problems as voting rights, campaign finance reform, and mass incarceration.

The Center on Civil Justice is dedicated to the study of the civil justice system in the United States and how it can continue to fulfill its purposes. The center draws on the unmatched strengths of the NYU Law faculty in the fields of procedure and complex litigation, as well as on a Board of Advisers consisting of leading practitioners and judges, to identify the problems that most deserve further investigation and engagement, and to fill a void in scholarly and policy analysis.

International business transactions are at the forefront of the work of NYU Law’s Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Commercial Law. In addition to hosting scholars-in-residence as well as conferences and forums, the center publishes the Transnational Notes blog.