The Center on Civil Justice at New York University School of Law is dedicated to the study of the civil justice system in the United States and how it can continue to fulfill its purposes. The Center will draw on the unmatched strengths of the NYU Law faculty in the fields of procedure and complex litigation, as well as on a Board of Advisers consisting of leading practitioners and Judges, to identify the problems that most deserve further investigation and engagement, and to fill a void in scholarly and policy analysis.

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Third-party litigation funding is gaining a foothold in the United States. A global phenomenon, litigation funding has taken secure root in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. It is, however, relatively new in the United States, and for many here the practice is wrapped in mystery. As a result, the Center on Civil Justice at NYU Law will begin to examine the impact it may have on our justice system and what, if any, regulation might be necessary. Senators Charles Grassley and John Cornyn recently sent an inquiry to a number of prominent funders, in what may be a prelude to a more formal inquiry into the industry.

To delve into these issues (and to provide a basic primer in how litigation funding works), the Center is bringing together leaders in law, finance, and policy at our November 20 conference. The Center does this as part of its mission to engage scholars, practitioners, judges, and others in examination of issues affecting the civil justice system. The objective is to consider how participants in the system can be more satisfactorily served, while preserving the values that have made it a pillar of our democracy.

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