Labor & Employment

Student Opportunities

At NYU Law, students are encouraged to take advantage of all the Law School has to offer, from working directly with faculty on their research, to getting involved with our centers, to participating in clinics and student organizations. Students can also participate in regular activities and counseling provided by the Office of Career Services and the Public Interest Law Center. Here are some opportunities for those interested in labor and employment law:

The Center for Labor and Employment Law is a non-partisan forum for the debate and study of the policy and legal issues involving the employment relationship; the center hosts the annual conference on labor. It also hosts programs that give students additional opportunities to meet and learn from leading advocates, agency heads, and judges in the field. Students have the opportunity to attend and occasionally give presentations during these programs.

The Unemployment Action Center, a student-led organization, is one of the leading providers of legal services for unemployment hearings in New York City. Countless opportunities for term-time volunteer and paid employment in the labor and employment field exist in New York’s rich practice environment.

Clinics include the Civil Litigation - Employment Law Clinic, the Community Development and Economic Justice Clinic, the Litigation, Organizing, and Systemic Change Clinic, and the Legislative and Regulatory Process Clinic.

The Masters of Laws LLM is designed for students who wish to take full advantage of NYU’s extraordinarily wide range of course offerings and the diverse research interests of our faculty. Unlike students in the specialized LLM programs, candidates pursuing the traditional LLM degree are not limited to a specific number of classes in one field, and they have the freedom to choose courses that match their interests.