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1L and 2L NYU Law students in the early stages of startup development can apply for $15,000 grants to help support them while they work on their business concept. Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Program summer grants are open to all startups with at least one student currently enrolled at NYU Law. Students applying to NYU Summer Launchpad also qualify for a summer grant. 

The checklist below outlines the requirements for applying for a summer grant:

  • Watch the following series of NYU Startup School videos:
    • Acquiring Customers on a Budget: Every successful startup needs a concrete strategy for attracting customers efficiently and effectively - if you don't have customers you don't have a business! Learn about what makes a good customer acquisition strategy and discover which growth hacking tactics are right for your business. This session is led by Todd Saunders, CEO of AdHawk.
    • Getting to Product Market Fit (Part 1): Watch the first session of the Startup School series and learn how to turn your idea into a viable business and on the path to a successful startup venture. This session is led by Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.
    • Getting to Product Market Fit (Part 2): In this second of a two-part series, apply the customer development methodology into practice. Learn how to test your concepts with users, customers, and partners as you search for a repeatable and scalable business model. This session is led by Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Insitute.
    • How to Build Products Users Love: What does it take to create something with a passionate group of users? During this session, learn how to work on an MVP, how to add features people love, and how to iterate towards a product people love. This session is led by Dan Kantor, Founder / CEO of Pilotship.
    • Sizing Up Your Market and Competition: Answer the critical questions necessary to assess your business opportunity. This workshop is led by Kunal Mehta (Stern '11), Venture Associate at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.
    • When and How to Raise VC: This workshop introduces the different sources of financing for startups at each stage of growth, and provides specific tactics for startup fundraising. This session is led by Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Insitute.
  • Complete the application form (you are required to attend the application walkthrough session and watch the NYU Startup School videos before submitting an application)

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but it's recommended that teams apply by mid-February for the upcoming summer. Teams will be notified by early March if they are invited to pitch before the advisory jury, and final decisions will be made be the end of March.

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