Tax Policy Colloquium: Spring 2012 Schedule

January 17
Michelle Hanlon, MIT Sloan School of Management
“Taking the Long Way Home: Offshore Investments in U.S. Equity and Debt Markets and U.S. Tax Evasion”

January 24
Amy Monahan, University of Minnesota Law School
“Will Employers Undermine Health Care Reform by Dumping Sick Employees?”

January 31
Alex Raskolnikov, Columbia Law School
“Accepting the Limits of Tax Law and Economics”

February 7
Victor Fleishcher, University of Colorado Law School
“Tax and the Boundaries of the Firm”

February 14
Heather Field, Hastings College of Law
“Binding Choices: Tax Elections & Federal/State Conformity”

February 28
Daniel Shaviro, New York University School of Law
“The Financial Transactions Tax Versus the Financial Activities Tax”

March 6
Edward Kleinbard, USC Law School
The Sorry State of Capital Income Taxation

March 20
Susan Morse, Hastings College of Law
“International Corporate Tax Reform and a Corporate Offshore Excise Tax”

March 27
Stephen Shay, Harvard Law School
“Unpacking Territorial”

April 3
Jon Bakija, Williams College Economics Department
“Jobs and Income Growth of Top Earners and Causes of Changing Income Inequality: Evidence from U.S. Tax Return Date”

April 10
Lane Kenworthy, University of Arizona Sociology Department
“Progress for the Poor, Chapters 6, 8 and 9”

April 17
Yair Listokin, Yale Law School (with David Schizer)
“‘I Like to Pay Taxes’: Lessons of Philanthropy for Tax and Spending Policy”

April 24
Alan J. Auerbach, Berkeley Economics Dept. and NYU Law
“The Mirrlees Review:  A U.S. Perspective”
“The Mirrlees Review”

May 1
Harry Grubert, U.S. Treasury Department and Rosanne Altshuler, Rutgers Economics Department
“Fixing the System: An Analysis of Alternative Proposals for the Reform of International Tax”


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