Technology Law and Policy Clinic at NYU School of Law

Representative Cases and Projects

Enoch Ayaji

“One of the things that I was able to work on with AI Now was writing a letter of support for a group of tenants who were appealing their landlord’s decision to implement a facial recognition system at their building..... One of the concerns with facial recognition technology is the highest rates of inaccuracies are with persons of color, women, elderly, and children as well.”

Enoch Ajayi '20

Government Surveillance and Digital Privacy

Health Data Projects

Intellectual Property


The Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith (key issue: scope of the fair use defense in visual art)

Google v. Oracle (key issue: copyright protection for software APIs)

State of Georgia v. (key issue: whether copyright protection extends to official state commentary on its own laws)

Capitol Records v. ReDigi (key issue: whether first sale doctrine applies to digital goods)

American Broadcast Companies v. Aereo (key issue: whether showing live and time-shifted streams of over-the-air television on internet-connected devices violates copyright law)

Collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to protect public access to software


Representation of The PrEP4All Collaboration (key issue: using patent law to bring down the price of, and expand access to, medicines and vaccines)

Alice v CLS Bank (key issue: patent protection for software)

Trade Secrecy

Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader (key issue: to what extent can the federal government rely on corporate trade secrecy and “confidential commercial information” to withhold information from the public?)


Matal v. Tam (key issue: can the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office refuse to register trademarks that it deems immoral or scandalous?)

Other Cases and Projects