Message to the NYU Law Community

Dear Members of the NYU Law Community:

Some of you may have seen a message from the president of the Student Bar Association regarding the horrific conflict in Israel and Gaza.  This message was not from NYU School of Law as an institution and does not speak for the leadership of the Law School.  It certainly does not express my own views, because I condemn the killing of civilians and acts of terrorism as always reprehensible.

The attack on Israel and the subsequent and ongoing hostilities have made this a period of extreme pain and distress for many members of our community.  Since the weekend, I have worked with administrators to provide support to students, faculty, and alumni who have been affected by this crisis.

The feelings that divide people in the world at large are certainly present within the Law School, but I hope that we are able to address them with compassion and mutual respect. The Law School’s leadership team will continue to provide the resources and support we can.

Troy McKenzie


Posted on October 10, 2023

See a statement from the Student Bar Association disclaiming the statement from the president of the Student Bar Association.