Graduate Affairs for LLM and Exchange Students

Academics for LLM and Exchange Students

For any academic issues concerning your LLM program, your first point of contact should be the Office of Graduate Affairs. The Office of Graduate Affairs advises LLM and Exchange students on all academic inquiries including course schedules, course loads, cross-registration issues, completion of requirements, earning the degree, and requests for optional practical training.

The Office of Graduate Affairs resolves issues concerning the rules and regulations of the LLM program. The Office also counsels students on what is advisable in terms of workload, compatibility of courses, and on career perspectives. Students may also wish to consult Mary Holland, Director of Graduate Legal Skills Program, and Irene Segal Ayers, Assistant Professor of LLM Lawyering. Specialized questions about a particular area of law may best be directed to the Faculty Director of each LLM program who also serves as an academic advisor to LLM students. Our faculty is known for its accessibility and we encourage students to approach faculty members with course-related questions via e-mail or during their office hours.

You may contact the Office of Graduate Affairs at or at Furman Hall, Suite 340. Students are welcome on a walk-in basis or they may schedule an appointment at or call (212) 998-6015.

Please note that students in the Tax LLM Program who seek academic advice should consult the Graduate Tax Office in Furman Hall, Suite 340 Sullivan Street, 3rd Floor. You may contact the Tax Office by e-mail at and by phone at (212) 998-6150.