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LLM Degree Requirements

The LLM Handbook  includes the academic policies that govern the LLM program.  Below is a brief description of the general requirements of the LLM degree.  The requirements of each LLM specialization and the advanced professional certificates are found here.

Credit Requirements

To earn the LLM degree, students must complete at least 24 credits in fall and spring, and meet the specific requirements of their specialization.  All students are required to attend classes regularly, satisfactorily complete all requirements for their courses, and take examinations at the scheduled times. Examinations are required in all courses, except in seminars or other courses where the preparation of a paper based on independent research may be counted for part or all of the requirements.

LLM Full-time

The typical credit load for full-time LLM. students is 12 credits per semester.  The Law School requires all full-time students to register for a minimum of 10 credits per semester to maintain full-time student status.  We recommend that students take no more than 12-13 credits during the fall semester, as they become acclimated to the Law School environment.  Full-time LLM students who register for more than 30 credits in fall and sprng incur charges in addition to the flat rate charged each semester.

LLM Part-time

Part-time students may register for a maximum of six credits per semester.  Students who are working full-time are strongly advised to limit their course load to four or five credits per semester.  Please also review the Schedule of Classes carefully, as certain required courses for some programs are not offered in the evening.



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