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List of Bar Courses Required for Students Who Commenced the LLM Prior to 2012

This list contains courses taught at NYU School of Law that have been deemed sufficient by the Court of Appeals to satisfy the basic American Law course requirement. The courses are listed by bar topic. Please note that the following list includes some courses which are not currently offered by the Law School. Please check the Course Management System to determine course availability.

BAR TOPIC: Business Relationships and/or UCC
Admiralty - L03.3045 / LW.10946
Advanced Commercial Transactions - L03.3034
Advanced Copyright Problems - L12.3547
Agency Problems and Corporate Governance - L03.3013
Antitrust Law - L12.3020 / LW.11164
Antitrust Law and Economics - L12.3506
Antitrust Law and Economics Seminar - LW. 11178
Antitrust and Regulatory Alternatives I - L12.3022 / LW.11348
Banking Law and Regulation - L03.3009.001 / LW.11550
Bankruptcy - L03.3031 / LW.11460
Bankruptcy Reorganizations: Case Administration - L03.3520
Bankruptcy Reorganizations: Case Administration Seminar - LW.10690
Bankruptcy Reorganizations: Chapter 11 Plan Process - L03.3521
Business Planning - L03.3065
Business Transactions Planning - L03.3501
Commercial Law - L03.3003
Commercial Payments and Credit Systems - L03.2030
Communication Law - L12.3040
Copyright Law - L12.3001 / LW.11552
Corporate Bonds - L03.3024 / LW.11216
Corporate Finance: Legal Aspects - L03.3021
Corporate Law: Policy Analysis Seminar - LW.10568
Corporations - L03.2010 / LW.10644
Creditors’ Rights and Debtors’ Protections - L03.3030
Developing Issues in Bankruptcy - L03.3502
Developing Issues in Corporate Law Policy - L03.3509
Developing Issues in Financial Reporting - L03.3505
Developing Issues in Securities Regulation - L03.3540
Developing Issues: Economic Analysis of Corporate Law - L03.3536
Employment Discrimination and Employment Law II - L07.3068
Employment Discrimination and Employment Law I - L07.3016
Employment Discrimination - L07.3016
Employment Discrimination Law - LW.11175
Intro to Corporate Reorganization under the Bankruptcy Code - LW.11872
Labor Law - LW.11933
Labor Law I - L07.3001
Labor Law: The Reform Agenda - L07.3001
Labor Law II - L07.3002
Law of Nonprofit Organizations - L03.3055 / LW.11276
LLM (CJ) Corporations - L05.4602
MCJ: Corporations - L05.4602
MCJ: Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy - L05.4607
Mergers and Acquisitions - L03.3043 / LW.10327
Money and Its Substitutes - L03.2030
Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions - LW.11158
Patent Law - L12.3010 / LW.11678
Patent Law I - L12.3010
Regulation of Banking - L03.3027
Regulation of Financial Institutions - L03.3525
Sales - L03.2035
Secured Transactions - L03.2020 / LW.10189
Securities Regulation II - L03.3042
Securities Regulation I - L03.3041
Securities Regulation I and II - L03.3040
Securities Regulation: Offerings, Registration, Exemptions and Disclosures - L03.3041 / LW.10485
Survey of Securities Regulation - L03.3040 / LW.10322
Trademark Registration & Protection - L12.3035
U.S. Corporate Law and Theory - L03.4602
U.S. Corporate Law and Theory for LL.M.s - LW.10344

BAR TOPIC: Conflict of Law
Conflict of Law - L09.3010
Conflict of Laws - LW.10701

BAR TOPIC: Constitutional Law (NY and Federal)
Administrative and Regulatory State for Transfer Students and LL.M.s - LW. 11633
Administrative Law - L01.3001
Administrative Process - L01.3515.001
Administrative Process Seminar - LW.10681
Constitutional Law - L01.2001 / LW.11702
Constitutional Litigation - L01.3535
Constitutional Litigation Seminar - LW.10202
Current Constitutional Issues - L01.3536 (1 or 3 credits)
Current Constitutional Issues Seminar - LW.10731
Current Issues in Immigrants’ Rights - L01.3511
Current Issues in Immigrants’ Rights Seminar - LW.10020
Federalist Papers - L01.3550
First Amendment Rights of Expression and Association - LW.10755
Free Speech - LW.10668
Free Speech, Censorship and Culture - L01.3502
Immigration Law and Rights of Noncitizens - L01.3520.001
Introduction to Legal Philosophy - L06.3005
Introduction to Legal and Political Philosophy - LW.12065
Legislation and the Creation of Public Policy - L01.3018
MCJ: American Legal Methodology - L05.4615
MCJ: Constitutional Law - L05.4603
Separation of Powers - L01.3576.001
Sex Discrimination Law - L06.3553
Sex Discrimination Law Seminar - LW.11198
State and Local Government - L01.3016
The Law of Democracy - L01.3010.001
U.S. Legal Methodology -L05.4615 / LW.10512

From our Jurisprudence, Legal History, and Legal Method Courses:
Administrative and Constitutional History - L06.3532
Race, Values, and the American Legal Process - L06.3512

BAR TOPIC: Contracts
Entertainment Law - L12.3535
Entertainment Law Seminar - LW.11456
Health Law - L13.3525 / LW.10797
Insurance Law - L03.3050
MCJ: Contracts - L05.4601
Perspectives on Contract Law - L03.3528
U.S. Contract Law and Theory - L03.4002 / LW.11171

BAR TOPIC: Criminal Law and Procedure
Capital Punishment Law & Litigation - L04.3005
Complex Federal Investigations - L04.3016
Complex Federal Investigations Seminar - LW.11517
Corruption and Corruption Control - L04.35 10
Corruption Control Seminar - LW.10001
Criminal Law - LW.11147
Criminal Litigation - L04.2010 / LW.11887
Criminal Procedure - L04.3010
Criminal Procedure and Practice - L04.3013
Criminal Procedure: Fourth and Fifth Amendments - LW.10395
Criminal Procedure: Pre-Trial, Post Trial - L04.3011 (called Bail to Jail in other lists)
Criminal Procedure Survey - L04.3010 / LW.10436
Criminal Sanctions: Current Issues in Sentencing and Sanctioning Offenders - L04.3525
Eighth Amendment and the Law - LW.11500
Organized Crime Control - L04.3501
Organized Crime Control Seminar - LW.10505
Post-Conviction Remedies - L04.3017
Posting-Conviction Proceedings - L04.3565
Professional Responsibility in Criminal Practice - L06.3016
Race, Poverty and Criminal Justice - L04.3512
Sentencing - L04.3568
Sentencing Seminar - LW.10016

BAR TOPIC: Evidence
Evidence - L09.2010 / LW.11607
Evidence: Litigation Planning - L09.2012
Evidence and Professional Responsibility - L09.3015.001 / LW.11563
Expert Evidence - L09.3522

BAR TOPIC: Family Law
Child, Parent and State - L08.3030 / LW.11323
Current Problems in Family Law - L08.3503
The Family and the State - L08.3025
Family Law - L08.3001
Family Law: Survey - L08.3001
Rights of the Mentally Disabled - L08.3535
Woman and the Law - L08.3508

BAR TOPIC: Federal Income and Estate Taxation
Advanced Corporate Tax Problems - L11.3055
Advanced Estate and Gift Taxation - L11.3020
Advanced Partnership Tax Problems - L11.3060
Advanced Tax Procedure - L11.3026
Corporate Reorganizations - L11.3029
Corporate Tax - L11.3028
Corporate Tax I - LW.11907
Corporate Tax II - LW.10878
Corporate Tax I and II - LW.10409
Corporate Tax for ITP - L11.3036
Estate and Gift Taxation - L11.3006 / LW.11893
Estate Planning - L11.3007 / LW.10561
Income Taxation - L11.2001 / LW.11994
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates - L11.3004 / LW.11038
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates II - L11.3046.001 / LW.10974
MCJ: Taxation - L05.4609
Partnership Taxation - L11.3015 / LW.11776
Survey of Tax Procedure - L11.3031 / LW.10707
Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving - L11.3010 / LW.11589
Tax Exempt Organizations - L11.3040 / LW.11754
Tax Penalties and Prosecutions - L11.3012 / LW.11137
Tax Procedure - L11.3008 / LW.11850
Taxation of Affiliated Corporations - L11.3002 / LW.11842
Taxation of Business Conduits - L11.3050 / LW.11625
Taxation of Financial Instruments - L11.3045 / LW.10499
Taxation of Property Transactions - L11.3027 / LW.11871
Timing Issues and the Income Tax - L11.3001 / LW.10811
Taxation of Subchapter S Corporations - L11.3016

BAR TOPIC: NY and Civil Jurisdiction and Procedure
Civil and Criminal Trial Practice - L09.3505
Civil Litigation - L09.2005
Complex Litigation - L09.3504.001 / LW.10058
Federal Courts and the Appellate Process - L09.2017 / LW.10917
Federal Courts and the Appellate Process: Doctrine & Appellate Practice - L09.2017
Federal Courts and the Appellate Process: Doctrine &Theory - L09.2018
Federal Courts and the Federal System - L09.2015 / LW.11722
Mass Tort Litigation - L09.3500
MCJ: Civil Procedure - L05.4604
New York Practice - L09.3020
Professional Responsibility in New York Civil Practice - LW.12075
Trial Advocacy - L09.3527
Trial and Appellate Advocacy - L09.3510
Trial and Appellate Advocacy Seminar - LW.10059

BAR TOPIC: Professional Responsibility
Professional Responsibility and Regulation of Lawyers - L06.3015 / LW.11479

BAR TOPIC: Real Property
Comparative Property Law - L10.3537
Current Problems in Property Law - L10.3530
Land Use Regulation - L10.3020 / LW.10579
Land Use Seminar: Do the Facts Fit the Theory? - L10.3503
MCJ: Property - L05.4608
Property for 2Ls - LW.11783
Real Estate Transactions - L10.3035 / LW.11279

MCJ: Torts - L05.4606

BAR TOPIC: Trusts, Wills, and Estates
Trusts and Estates - L10.2010 / LW.10474

Environmental Law – L01.3035 / LW.11149
Introduction to U.S. Law - L05.4016 / LW.11449


Bar Topics and NYU School of Law Courses