Scholarship GPS: We map global engagement by NYU Law faculty during summer 2019

Global connections

Each summer, dozens of NYU Law professors fan out across the globe to teach, lecture, and participate in conferences and workshops. For the sixth summer in a row, we asked faculty members to tell us what they did and where, and then we plotted the results on a map. 

Our summer 2019 map—embedded below or viewable in this full-screen version—contains 145 entries for 41 faculty members, who ranged from Auckland to Athens and Seoul to Santiago. Zoom out to see how much of the globe our faculty traversed; zoom in for a close-up look at particular cities or regions. 

By clicking on the map pins, you can read details for each location. In Santiago, for example, you’ll see that Beller Family Professor of Business Law Kevin Davis lectured on “The Effects of Corruption on Infrastructure Contracts,” while in Haifa and Jerusalem, Catherine A. Rein Professor of Law Cynthia Estlund spoke about “Three Big Ideas for a Future of Less Work.”

Or you can track the itinerary of a particular professor by clicking on his or her name in the left-hand panel. With appearances in Florence, Tunis, and Melbourne, Professor of Clinical Law Margaret Satterthwaite touched base on three continents. University Professor Joseph Weiler did as well—and he reported the most locations visited, as his travels took him to 14 cities, including Bogotá, Colombia; Iasi, Romania; and Singapore. You may also review a list of names and appearances (PDF 126.11KB).

Posted August 28, 2019