PCCE Board of Advisors

The Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement ("PCCE") aims to promote effective policy and serve as a catalyst for positive compliance efforts and enforcement policy.  The goal of the PCCE Board of Advisors is to bring together a group of experts with diverse backgrounds to advise the PCCE directors on what are the most pressing substantive and policy issues in the area of compliance and enforcement.  The Board of Advisors acts in an advisory capacity only and does not directly oversee the activities of the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement.

All members of the PCCE Board of Advisors serve in their individual capacity.

As an organization, the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement does not take positions through advocacy or in the press.  The views taken by any PCCE director, any affiliated faculty member, any event speaker, or any guest blogger are those of that individual only and should not be attributed to any member of the Board of Advisors or to PCCE as a whole.