NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service - Human Rights Faculty and Staff

Henry and Marilyn Taub Professor of Practice in Public Service and Leadership

NYU Wagner

David Elcott has spent the last twenty-five years at the intersection of community building, the search for a theory of cross-boundary engagement, and interfaith and ethnic organizing and activism. Over the past years, Dr. Elcott has worked to build a robust training program of community organizing and advocacy campaigns housed in Wagner and attended by students from across the university. He has mediated conflicts between and among religious communities in the U.S. and around the world and trained civil society organizers across the US and around the world.

Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management; Director of Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy Program

NYU Wagner

Erica Foldy focuses her research on what enables and inhibits collaboration and learning across potential divisions like race and gender. She is interested in how our identities, frames and learning behaviors affect our ability to connect with others. Her work embeds these influences in broader organizational and social contexts by exploring leadership, safety climate and power dynamics.

Clinical Professor

NYU Wagner

John Gershman focuses his research and teaching on the intersections between property rights and human rights in natural resource management in Ghana and the Philippines and the organizational and political challenges facing advocates of rights-based approaches to development. He has worked in a number of rights- oriented NGOs prior to coming to NYU, including Food First and Partners in Health.

Associate Professor

NYU Wagner

Natasha conducts research on labor migration and economic development, on labor mobilization and its relationship to workforce development, and on processes of institutional innovation and organizational learning. Her current project investigates how tacit skill moves across national borders through international migration, and the resource it represents for economic development.


NYU Wagner

Sonia M. Ospina is a sociologist by training, with research and teaching interests in the participatory, inclusive and collaborative dynamics of democratic governance. She has produced research on social change leadership, social innovation and accountability, both in communities and in public systems.