ACP Services

The Academic Careers Program counsels, supports, and provides information and programming to NYU Law students, alumni and current affiliates (including AAPs and fellows) considering a career in law teaching.

Our Services

  • We host regular events at the Law School, including information sessions for students on careers in law teaching, discussions with faculty members about various aspects of legal academia, and webinars with practical advice about going on the market.
  • Our major events include an annual Scholarship Clinic held every spring, which includes presentations on topics related to law teaching as well as paper presentations from selected alumni and affiliates with discussions led by law professors.
  • Another major event is Job Camp, held every fall shortly before the AALS recruiting conference targeted at candidates who are going on the market that year. In addition to practical advice about the AALS conference, ACP organizes moot job talks and mock interviews.
  • We provide resources for candidates, including a detailed handbook with information about the legal academic market and hiring process, access to video and audio about law teaching careers, sample application materials, and a list of NYU Law alumni and former affiliates in legal teaching who can be contacted by candidates.
  • We offer assistance for those attending the AALS conference, including review of CVs and FAR Forms, an NYU Book of candidate CVs that is circulated to the hiring committees of American law schools, and a spreadsheet for candidates with information about hiring committees and hiring needs.
  • Schedule a one-on-one counseling appointment to discuss strategy and answer specific questions by emailing


Job Camp 2019 Candid Shot