Spring 2021 Canceled Courses

Civil Litigation (4/24/2020)
Profs. TBA

Civil Litigation for LLMs (4/24/2020)
Profs. TBA

Food Law and Policy Seminar (6/8/2020)
Profs. Richard Stewart

Labor Law (6/11/2020)
Profs. Deborah Malamud

Corporate Governance Seminar (6/29/2020)
Profs. Ryan Bubb

Tax Treaties (7/8/2020)
Profs. David Rosenbloom

The Law of Democracy (7/9/2020)
Profs. Samuel Issacharoff

Class and Inequality Seminar (7/30/2020)
Profs. Deborah Malamud

Class and Inequality Seminar: Writing Credit (7/30/2020)
Profs. Deborah Malamud

Legislation and the Regulatory State (8/10/2020)
Profs. Deborah Malamud

Property (8/10/2020)
Profs. TBA

Lincoln, The Civil War and the Constitution: Foundation of the National Security Powers of the President and Congress Seminar.  (8/13/2020)
Profs. David Golove

Lincoln, The Civil War and the Constitution: Foundation of the National Security Powers of the President and Congress Seminar: Writing Credit (8/13/2020)
Profs. David Golove

Negotiating Corporate Transactions (8/13/2020)
Profs. Chris Harrison 

LGBTQ Rights Externship and Seminar (8/21/2020)
Profs. Michael Kavey

Federal Indian Law (9/29/2020)
Profs. Gerald Torres

Advanced Topics in Privacy Law Seminar (9/29/2020)
Profs. Ira Rubinstein

Innovation Externship (10/12/2020)
Profs. Jason Schultz

Innovation Externship Seminar (10/12/2020)
Profs. Jason Schultz

Trying Atrocity Crimes Seminar (10/12/2020)
Profs. Theodor Meron

Contract Theory and Law Colloquium (10/19/2020)
Profs. Randy Hertz and Richard Brooks

Intellectual Property and Human Rights Seminar (10/21/2020)
Profs. Christophe Geiger

Corporate Tax II (10/21/2020)
Profs. Stephen Gardner

Advanced Partnership Tax I  (10/21/2020)
Profs. Phillip Gall

State Courts and Appellate Advocacy Seminar (12/7/2020)
Profs. Rosenblatt

M&A Workshop (12/8/2020)
Profs. Fleischer, Jr.

Law and Global Governance Seminar (12/10/2020)
Profs. Stewart

History of International Legal Thought: A Critical View (12/10/2020)
Profs. Koskenniemi

Income Tax (1/7/2021)
Profs. Batchelder

International Intellectual Property Law: Writing Credit (1/8/2021)
Profs. Dreyfuss

Modern Crosscurrents in Energy and Environmental Law Seminar (1/15/2021)
Profs. Hayes

Graduate Lawyering I (Section 3) (1/15/2021)
Profs. Ayers 

Human Rights, Civil Society, and the Internet in China Seminar (1/15/2021)
Profs. Hom

Constitutional Law (1/19/2021)
Profs. Yoshino

History and Theory of Secured Transactions Workshop (1/19/2021)
Profs. Brunstad

Commercial Law (1/19/2021)
Profs. Davis

Global Data Law (1/19/2021)
Profs. Kingsbury

Modern Legal Philosophy Seminar(1/19/2021)
Profs. Waldron

History and Theory of Bankruptcy Law (1/19/2021)
Profs. Brunstad

Ethical and Legal Challenges in the Modern Corporation(1/19/2021)
Profs. Brenner and Scott

Third Party Investment in Litigation: Law, Policy and Practice Seminar (01/20/2021)
Profs. Sebok

Graduate Lawyering I (01/24/2021)
Profs. Ayers