Fall 2020 Canceled Courses

Prosecution Externship - Eastern District (Clinic and Seminar) - for JDs (05/27/2020)
Prof. Jackie M. Kasulis and Alixandra Smith

Climate Change, Displacement, and the Law Seminar - for JDs (05/29/2020)
Prof. Jane McAdam

Contractualism in Moral and Political Philosophy Seminar - for JDs (05/29/2020)
Prof. Liam B. Murphy

Cities Seminar (06/11/2020)
Prof. Clayton Gillette and Paul Romer

Gender in Comparative Constitutionalism (06/11/2020)
Prof. Ruth Rubio-Marin

Investment Treaty Arbitration (06/11/2020)
Prof. Brian King

Legislative and Regulatory Process Clinic (06/11/2020)
Profs. Sally Katzen and Bob Bauer

Venture Capital (06/12/2020)
Profs. Daniel DeWolf

Law and Policy of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning (06/12/2020)
Profs. Katherine Strandburg

The Law of Startup (06/12/2020)
Profs. Vinay Jain and David Pashman

Climate Change, Displacement and the Law Seminar (06/12/2020)
Profs. Jane McAdam

Corporate Tax I & II (06/12/2020)
Profs. Noel Cunningham

Insurance Law (06/15/2020)
Profs. Mark Geistfeld

Torts: Product Liability (06/15/2020)
Profs. Mark Geistfeld

Property (Section 2)   (06/16/2020)
Profs. N/A

International Commercial Arbitration (06/24/2020)
Profs: Linda Silberman and John Fellas

Labor and Employment in the Entertainment Industry Seminar (06/25/2020)
Prof: Day Krolik

Energy Law Regulation and Policy (06/25/2020)
Prof: Michael Gergen 

Graduate Lawyering I (Sections 7 and 8) (06/25/2020)
Prof. Gerald Lebovits

Graduate Lawyering I: Intensive (Sections 2 and 3) (07/1/2020)
Profs. Karen Ross and Irene Ayers

Graduate Lawyering I (Sections 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12 ) (07/1/2020)
Prof. N/A

Hauser Colloquium (07/1/2020)
Prof. Ryan Goodman

Introduction to U.S. Civil Procedure (07/6/2020)
Prof. Arthur Miller

Corporate Tax for ITP (07/8/2020)
Prof. Noel Cunningham

Transitional Justice (07/9/2020)
Prof. Pablo Greiff

Legal Theory Thesis Seminar (07/16/2020)
Prof. Leiwsh Kornhauser

Organized Crime Control Seminar (07/16/2020)
Prof. Ronald Goldstock

Administrative Process Seminar (07/17/2020)
Prof. Robert Katzmann

Administrative Process Seminar: Writing Credit (07/17/2020)
Prof. Robert Katzmann

Selected Issues in Immigration Law (07/22/2020)
Prof. Alina Das

The President and Immigration Law (07/22/2020)
Prof. Adam Cox 

Oil and Gas: Public and Private Governance Seminar (07/23/2020)
Prof. Robert Seber 

Trying International Crimes Seminar (07/24/2020)
Prof. Theodor Meron

Community Development Seminar (07/30/2020)
Prof. Kerwin Tesdell

White Collar Crime and the Capital Markets Seminar (07/30/2020)
Prof. Court Golumbic

Critical Narratives of Civil Rights: Writing Credit (07/30/2020)
Prof. Peggy Davis

Individualization Under Law Seminar (08/4/2020)
Prof. TBA

Criminal Justive Reform and the Distrcit Attorney's Office Seminar (08/6/2020)
Prof. TBA

Contracts for LLM Students (08/6/2020)
Prof. TBA

Sexuality, Gender and the Law Seminar (08/6/2020)
Prof. TBA

Selected Issues in Immigration Law and Policy (08/6/2020)
Prof. Alina Das

The President and Immigration Law (08/6/2020)
Prof. Adam Cox

Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law Seminar (08/12/2020)
Prof. Katrina Wynman

Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law Seminar: Writing Credit (08/12/2020)
Prof. Katrina Wynman

Negotiating Corporate Transactions (08/13/2020)
Prof. Chris Harrison 

Survey of Tax Procedure Section 1 (08/21/2020)
Prof. TBA

Criminal Law Lunches (08/21/2020)
Prof. TBA

Labor and Employment in the Entertainment Industry Seminar (08/27/2020)
Prof. Howard Robbins

Graduate Lawyering Section 2 (08/27/2020)
Prof. Irene Ayers

Wagner Nonproft Law (08/27/2020)
Prof. Jill Manny

Federal Payroll Taxes (08/27/2020)
Prof. Willard Taylor

Law and Economics of the Music Business (08/27/2020)
Prof. David Strickler

Family Practice Simulation (09/1/2020)
Profs. Peggy Davis and Brence Pernell

Private Foundations and Their Alternatives [ONLINE] - for MSL (09/29/2020)
Profs. Jill Manny 

Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving [ONLINE] - for MSL (09/29/2020)
Profs. Jill Manny 

Administrative Law vs. Tort: The Challenges of Modern Regulation Seminar - Writing Credit (12/3/2020)
Profs. Catherine Sharkey