21st century prosecutors: What impact will reform-minded prosecutors have on the criminal justice system?

Over the past few years, a number of local elections have ushered in a wave of “reform-minded” prosecutors committed to addressing problems in the criminal justice system. Rather than touting the standard law-and-order approach, these officials are employing a broader range of strategies to address crime, enhance accountability, and ensure public safety. On November 8, the Law School, as part of its Latham & Watkins Forum, brought together a panel to discuss the new directions these prosecutors are taking and the challenges they face. The event, entitled “A New Vision for the 21st Century Prosecutor: Perspectives of Reform Leaders,” was moderated by Professor of Clinical Law Anthony Thompson, faculty director of the Center on Race, Inequality, and Law. Panelists included Larry Krasner, district attorney-elect of Philadelphia; Miriam Krinsky, executive director of Fair and Just Prosecution; and Marilyn J. Mosby, state's attorney of Baltimore City, Maryland.

“We are starting to see a critical mass begin to form,” said Krinsky. “The prosecutors that we work with by and large believe that our justice system is too large, that we can’t incarcerate our way out of mental illness, out of poverty, out of drug abuse. That this is not a partisan issue.”

Watch the full video of the event (1 hour, 10 minutes):

Posted November 22, 2017