The Milbank Tweed Forum

Taking place most Wednesdays during the academic year; the Milbank Tweed Forum presents discussions on current events, intellectual ideas, and professional training. Moderated by different members of the faculty, Forum panels generally consist of three experts discussing a selected topic. The Forum’s objective is to educate and provoke discussion, and it is designed for student exchange of ideas with experts.

The Forum has covered topics such as:

  • Crooks on the Loose? Did Felons Get a Free Pass in the Financial Crisis?
  • The Economics of Climate Change
  • Miller's Courts: The Future of Sports and the Law
  • The IP Divide: Why SOPA Loses, TRIPS Wins, and Confusion Reigns
  • A Brewing Debate: Does the Tort System Need Reform?

We invite you to browse the schedules on the left or visit our Milbank Tweed Forum YouTube playlist.