Environmental Law Journal and ELS host symposium on greenhouse gas regulation (VIDEO)

Environmental Law Journal and Environmental Law Society host symposium on greenhouse gas regulation

NYU’s Environmental Law Journal and Environmental Law Society hosted a symposium featuring two panels of experts in environmental legislation on March 13. “The New Regulatory Climate: Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the Obama Administration” included representatives from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Hudson Clean Energy Partners, major law firms, and NYU Law.

The Environmental Defense Fund's Nathaniel Keohane was the keynote speaker and kicked off the day with an overview of current greenhouse gas emission legislation and President Barack Obama’s recent cap-and-trade proposals.

Video of Dr. Keohane's keynote address (53min):

Next, a panel moderated by Richard Stewart, University Professor and John Edward Sexton Professor of Law, discussed the potential implementation of a new, nationwide emission reduction program. One of the major roadblocks will be incorporating existing programs into new legislation.

Video of the first panel (1hr, 38min):

The second panel, which focused on the impact of greenhouse gas regulation on investment, echoed a sentiment heard throughout the day: Any actions taken by the Obama administration concerning emissions or a cap-and-trade system need to be completely transparent. The panelists acknowledged that it is too early to say exactly what new regulation will look like. John Cavalier, from Hudson Clean Energy Partners summed up the greenhouse gas emissions discussion: “There are no easy answers.”

Video of the second panel (1hr, 44min):