Lawrence '09 wins Barry Gold Memorial Health Law Student Writing Competition

Matthew Lawrence '09 has won the Barry Gold Memorial Health Law Student Writing Competition for his paper, "Contractual Alternatives to Malpractice Liability in New York: Are Voluntary Exculpatory Agreements Enforceable?" The competition, sponsored by the New York State Bar Association, awards a $1,000 to a J.D. student in recognition of a paper addressing "a health law issue under New York State law or a health law issue under federal law and its impact on New York State law or the regulatory environment in New York State." 

The prize will be presented to Lawrence at the NYS Bar Association Health Law Section's Annual Meeting on January 28. His paper will be published in the winter issue of the NYS Bar Association Health Law Journal.

"I owe a great deal of gratitude to the Law School community, which is tremendously supportive of student writing," Lawrence said. "In particular, I know that without the guidance of Professor Sylvia Law, who taught me Health Law, and the encouragement of the law and economics faculty, who go out of their way to foster student development, I could not and would not have written this paper."