Vice Chancellor Stephen Lamb of Delaware Court of Chancery delivers Fogelson Lecture (VIDEO)

In anticipation of his impending retirement, Stephen Lamb, vice chancellor on the Delaware Court of Chancery, delivered the Fogelson Lecture in Law & Business, entitled "Twelve Years on the Court of Chancery: A Personal Reflection," on March 26. The event was sponsored by the NYU Pollack Center for Law & Business, whose director, Professor William T. Allen, introduced Lamb's lecture. The vice chancellor acknowledged the influence that the jurisprudence of Allen, a past chancellor of the court, has had on Lamb's own Court of Chancery career: "While his work is seen as the work of a prophet, mine is better regarded as that of an exegetist." In his speech, Lamb discussed key corporation law cases from his dozen years on the court, including one involving a waterfront trailer park that dragged out for a decade.

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