NYU Law welcomes Forum on Law, Culture & Society

The Forum on Law, Culture & Society (FOLCS) has moved to NYU Law. Founded in 2005 at Fordham University Law School by Thane Rosenbaum, FOLCS has built a reputation as an ideas-driven cultural organization that focuses on the relationship between law and society. In the past nine years, it has hosted conversations with a range of notable guests, including former President Bill Clinton, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, film director Oliver Stone, and numerous other government officials, actors, writers, and legal experts.

Thane Rosenbaum interviews Bill Clinton in 2012.

FOLCS adds to the already enormously rich intellectual life of the Law School, where offerings range from lectures, colloquia, and conferences to the Wednesday lunchtime discussions of the Milbank Tweed Forum. Rosenbaum joins NYU Law as a senior fellow and will continue his role as director of FOLCS.

“I am very pleased to welcome the Forum on Law, Culture & Society to the Law School,” said Dean Trevor Morrison. “Our curriculum emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of law, and Thane’s programs, with their broad array of people and topics, will amplify that theme, both for members of the NYU Law community and for the public.”

In addition to its Conversations series, FOLCS hosts Trials & Error, which examines high-profile legal cases from the past, and an annual film festival, which combines a well-known film about the law and human rights with commentary by a post-screening guest (on Oct. 21, the lead-off film for the 2014 festival will be The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, with Justice Stephen Breyer as the commentator).  Future FOLCS guests include actress Julianna Margulies, author John Grisham, and actor Tom Cruise.

FOLCS will eventually schedule most of its programs at the Law School, and they will be free of charge to members of the NYU Law community. However, many FOLCS events during this academic year will take place at the 92nd Street Y or at the Time-Warner Center and are open to the public. Those interested in attending can visit the upcoming events page of the FOLCS website to see the schedule of events. (Members of the NYU Law community can obtain a 30% discount on tickets on FOLCS events at the 92nd Street Y by using the discount code “NYU”.) To receive FOLCS event announcements, sign up at FOLCS.org or by emailing info@folcs.org.

Posted August 29, 2014