Center for Transnational Litigation and Commercial Law examines forum shopping in international commercial arbitration

On February 28, the Center for Transnational Litigation and Commercial Law (CTLCL) kicked off “Forum Shopping in the International Commercial Arbitration Context,” a three-day conference on an important issue in international business transactions.

Professor Franco Ferrari, executive director of the CTLCL, opened the conference with a lecture examining the discourse around forum shopping, acknowledging that while most scholars have a stance against the practice, there are justifications in favor of it. In the lecture below, Ferrari examined different definitions of forum shopping and argued for a value-neutral definition.

Speakers came from law schools and law firms around the globe. In addition to Ferarri, participants from the CTLCL included the center’s co-director Linda J. Silberman, Martin Lipton Professor of Law, and fellows Domenico Di Pietro and Loukas Mistelis.

Posted on April 17, 2013