CLS panel illuminates India and Pakistan's conflict over Kashmir (VIDEO)

On April 1, the Center on Law and Security (CLS) hosted "Flash Point: India, Pakistan, and Kashmir" in conjunction with the Asia Society. The panel featured New Yorker writer Steve Coll, president of the New America Foundation; Arif Jamal, visiting fellow at NYU’s Center on International Cooperation; and author and journalist Basharat Peer, and was moderated by Karen Greenberg, executive director of CLS. The panelists discussed tensions between India and Pakistan and the problems posed to the two countries, the region, and the rest of the world by the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir. Jamal estimated that half a million terrorists had been trained in Kashmir: "When the militancy movement in Kashmir explodes, we will forget everything else. Al Qaeda will be just a small movement compared to what Kashmir has to offer to us."

Watch the full recording of this event (1 hr, 23 min):