Existing Resources

The Law School has a number of offices specifically designed to assist and advise students in numerous subject-specific capacities. Many of these offices have their own internal codes of conduct. Each is also available to resolve pertinent issues, even without invoking either formal process as defined in Part V or informal measures as defined in Part IV. The Law School website maintains a leadership page that provides information about who presently occupies leadership positions at the Law School and how to contact them. Below is a list of the most pertinent student-oriented offices and a description of their activities:  

Office of Student Affairs

  • Purpose:  support and encourage student well-being and success; oversee student organizations, law journals, and academic support programs
  • Types of issues: issues related to student organizations or law journals, social events, academic support (including advisement, tutoring, leave of absence requests, etc.), and counseling and counseling referrals.
  • Contact: Student Affairs; law.studentaffairs@nyu.edu; Dean of Students, Lindsay Kendrick, Lindsay.Kendrick@nyu.edu

Graduate Affairs Office

  • Purpose: “front door” of the Law School for LLM and Exchange students.  Academic Services: course registration, academic advising, and academic support. Student Affairs: community-building, professional development, and academically-oriented programming.  Personal counseling and referral to resources at the Law School and University.
  • Types of Issues: adjustment to a US Law School and to NYC; course selection; academic policies and procedures; bar exam eligibility, personal and academic difficulty.
  • Contact: Graduate Affairs; law.graduateaffairs@nyu.edu; Director of Graduate Affairs, Barbara A. Landress. Barbara.Landress@nyu.edu

Graduate Tax Program Office

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Purpose: support and promote community diversity, inclusiveness and belonging values across a range of areas including student life
  • Types of issues: concerns related to diversity, belonging and inclusion 
  • Contact: Assistant Dean, Lindsay Kendrick, Lindsay.Kendrick@nyu.edu 

Academic Services

  • Purpose: oversee implementation of curriculum, including registration and course assignments; coordinate course evaluation process; bar exam services; transcripts and records maintenance
  • Types of issues: FERPA (educational records privacy); student records and amendments; academic advising; registration; class schedule; exams/ exam postponements/ exam accommodations; graduation; bar certification/ character and fitness
  • Contact: Academic Services; law.acadservices@nyu.edu; Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registration, Michelle Kirkland,  michelle.kirkland@nyu.edu  

Moses Center for Student Accessibility 

  • Purpose:  work with students to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations that support equal access to education
  • Types of issues:  classroom, housing, facilities, or other related support or accommodations
  • Contact: Moses Center; mosescsd@nyu.edu, Director of the Moses Center for Student Accessibility, Robyn Weiss, LMSW, rew8@nyu.edu

Office of Residential Life 

  • Purpose:  Oversee on-campus student housing. 
  • Types of issues: housing-related issues such as concerns about roommates or neighbors, use of common areas, religious or other accommodations, etc.  
  • Contact: Residential Life; Director for Residence Services, Nancy Mah Chau, nancymahchau@nyu.edu

Career Services Office

  • Purpose: assist students in obtaining private sector employment
  • Types of issues:  issues that arise with employer interviews or summer positions, early-interview week concerns, etc.
  • ContactCareer Services; law.careers@nyu.edu; Associate Dean, Irene Dorzback, Irene.dorzback@nyu.edu    

Public Interest Law Center

  • Purpose: advise and provide resources for students and alumni interested in pursuing public interest opportunities
  • Types of issues:  issues that arise in connection with public sector interviewing, employment, consideration of personal or financial implications, etc. 
  • Contact: Public Interest Law Center, Assistant Dean for Public Service, Lisa Hoyes, Lisa.Hoyes@nyu.edu 

Vice Dean for Curriculum

  • Purpose:  oversee implementation of degree requirements and course scheduling
  • Types of issues:  concerns related to academic integrity or curriculum
  • Contact:  Vice Dean and Professor Randy Hertz at randy.hertz@nyu.edu

Director, Clinical & Advocacy Programs

  • Purpose: oversee clinical and externship offerings
  • Types of issues: concerns related to clinical courses or externships
  • Contact: Vice Dean and Professor Randy Hertz at randy.hertz@nyu.edu

Director, Lawyering Program

  • Purpose: oversee the lawyering curriculum in 1L year and the acting assistant professors teaching in that program
  • Types of issues:  issues related to instruction or instructors in the lawyering program
  • Contact: Lawyering Program, Director of Lawyering Program, Andy Williams, williamsa@mercury.law.nyu.edu 

Clerkship Office

  • Purpose:  support students in learning about and obtaining clerkships; advising about interviews
  • Types of issues: issues related to clerkship applications, interviews or experiences  
  • Contact Clerkship Office; Senior Director of Clerkship Office, Michelle Cherande, Michelle.Cherande@nyu.edu