Tax Policy Colloquium: Spring 2011 Schedule

January 20
Joseph Bankman, Stanford Law School
“Reforming the Tax Preference for Employer Health Insurance”

January 27
Yair Listokin, Yale Law School
“Taxation and Liquidity”

February 3
David S. Miller, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft
“Unintended Consequences: How U.S. Tax Law Encourages Investment in Offshore Tax Havens”

February 10
Michael Keen, International Monetary Fund”
“The Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions”

February 17
Kenneth Scheve, Yale University Political Science Department
“Envy and Altruism in Hard Times”

February 24
Allison Christians, Wisconsin Law School
“Hard Law, Soft Law, and No Law: The World of International Tax Dispute Resolution”

March 3
Adam Rosenzweig, Washington University Law School
“Thinking Outside the (Tax) Treaty”

March 10
Eric Zolt, UCLA Law
“Tax Deductions for Charitable Contributions:  Domestic Activities, Foreign Activities, or None of the Above”
March 24
Kirk Stark, UCLA Law School
“Bribing the States to Tax Food”
“The Federal Role in State Tax Reform”

March 31
Len Burman, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, (with Marvin Phaup)
“Tax Expenditures, the Size and Efficiency of Government, and Implications for Budget Reform”

April 7
Jennifer Blouin, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 
“Is U.S. MultiNational Intra-Firm Dividend Policy Influenced By Reporting Incentives? ”

April 14
Joshua Blank, NYU Law School
“In Defense of Tax Privacy”

April 21
Leandra Lederman, Indiana University Law School
“Hold the Mayo:  What Respect Should Courts Accord Tax Regulations and Rulings Issued During Litigation?”

April 28
Cheryl Block, Washington University Law School
“Tax Justice and the Equitable Distribution of Bailout Costs”


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