Watch the training video to help you get up and running with uploading and inserting documents (PDFs, DOCs, XLS, PPT, etc.).

Quick steps:

  1. In the body field of the Edit tab, highlight the text you want to be the link.
  2. Click on the Link icon in the toolbar.
  3. Click on Browse Server.
  4. Click Upload. Browse to reach the file, then click Upload.
  5. Click Insert File.
  6. Click OK.

PDF Clean up (uploading, linking, and fixing broken PDF links)

If you see a link to a PDF that is broken, or if you see a link from the new site to a PDF (or .doc or .xls) on the old site, here is how you can fix it:

  1. Go to the current live page on
  2. Download the PDF from this page to your desktop.
  3. Go to the page where the link is broken on the new site.
  4. Watch this video.