Image Browser Tip

When you click on the Media icon to open the image selection window, and then you select View Library, if you search for a filename, don’t hit the Enter/Return key. There’s a bug that will load the site homepage into that image browser window. If that happens, just click the Back button on your browser (or right-click on your mouse and choose ‘Back’) and start over. To search for a filename, just type the keyword (don't hit Enter) and Drupal will start searching for images with that keyword.

Image Sizing Guide

When adding an image to your page, you may wonder which one of the many sizes options is the right one. The Drupal editor offers a pull-down menu with a number of different sizes. Currently there are some default options that should NOT be used.

Do NOT Use

  • Default
  • Preview
  • Large
  • Small

Size to Use

  • Original - Use this size only if you know that your image was created at the exact size you need on the page.
  • Inside Large - this size can be used for galleries, or in special circumstances as a stand-alone image on your page with both a left menu and right-side modules. In order to get the correct file for a stand alone image in a page with text, please contact the communications department for assistance.







  • Inside Medium - this size is most suitable for pages with text and few photos.


  • Inside Small - this size should be used for stories you are linking to, such as on a landing page or the spotlight news. If your page has several photos, such as headshots of multiple panelists, this is a good side to use.