Adding a New Page

  1. Log into Drupal
  2. Hover over “My Workbench”
  3. Hover over “Create content”
  4. Click on “Basic Page”

Basic Page:
  1. Add a title
  2. Add a superheader (optional)
  3. Add your content in the Body field
  4. Specify the appropriate Section (e.g., select "Training" if that is the department your page falls under)
  5. Optional areas to edit:
    • Related Links
    • Sidebars (click RIGHT SIDEBAR to show these)
  6. URL path settings: add the URL path to your page eg: careerservices/subsectionname/pagename)
  7. Publishing options: new pages are not published by default. To publish your page, Click Publishing options, then check the Published box.
  8. Click on Save

Your page won't automatically show up in the menu. 
In order to place your page in the menu, you will need to submit this form.

Note:  Find the node of your page by clicking on the Edit tab on your new page.  It will display in the address bar.